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      • Batman

        so it took me this long to figure out that there is more than
        1: minimum bounce off a spider
        2: maximum bounce off a spider.

        You can hold jump and let go as you’re traveling upward to opt into an intermediate route.

        Then I came up with a path that utilizes this to carry less hangtime throughout the level while still having a minimum amount of bounces. but it wasn’t quite as fast as my previous time, even though it was far more difficult to complete the run while using that jumping method. But i just dont know how it wasn’t faster… I WASTED LESS TIME FALLING! no fair. =P

  1. Vick

    Well, I WAS getting better than MenuTab decided to start lagging me…

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, it does remind me a lot of RockBand for some reason.

    • Eiko

      Yep. I tried this on two different computers with two different internet connections and stuff.

      The spring just keeps compressing and then I go kaput.

  2. Eric Wright

    There is a bug. When i went on the second spring the spring stretched but the first time the spring stretched facing down and i fell through the floor. The second time it stretched (after i refreshed my computer) the spring was facing upward and i froze in the air.

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