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The keys are a new addition to the Fancy Pants Adventures series. Each FPA Flash game has been completely free to play, but each has been a multitude of times more ambitious than the last. With your help, World 4 can be the most polished, most feature rich, and most fancy adventure yet!

In the World 1 Remix, here is what purchasing a key will unlock:

– Extra levels that offer a glimpse into future game mechanics (like skateboarding! :O)
– Extra fancy pants and hats to earn
– High quality soundtrack download (contains all music from the original World 1, as well as the Remix)
– Early access to another entirely new level (and a peek behind the scenes as it’s being made)

With more to be added!

There’s also multiple tiers of keys:


Key ($2): It’s a regular key! Will unlock all of the above in the Remix.


Fancy Key ($5): Unlocked everything in the remix and in future Fancy Pants games, like a Season Pass. This key will be an incredible value, I promise!

After everything ever is unlocked, what’s next?? Think of the following keys like the different pledges in a Kickstarter. Instead of unlocking more lives or cheats in game, you’ll receive special digital rewards for your support!


Silver Key ($10): Same as the Fancy Key, but includes a doodled thank you note.


Gold Key ($20): Same as the Fancy Key, but includes a signed Fancy Pants Man drawing.


Platinum Key ($50): Same as the Fancy Key, but includes a commissioned doodle of anything you’d like, Fancy Pants related, of course! Ever wanted to, say, see Fancy Pants Man fight a dragon? Chill with your own character? Go to the moon and eat ice cream with aliens? Here’s your chance!


Extra Fancy Key ($100): The more awesome key there is! Unlocks all content in the Remix and future FPA games, and includes a full page, full color drawing straight from your imagination! Make it your desktop image, print it out and frame it, give the best birthday gift ever! Whatever you do, it will be a one of a kind drawing made just for you!

Keys can be purchased on Kongregate with Kreds, or BorneGames with PayPal or credit card.

Please email me if you would like your reward addressed to a name other than your username, and of course, to let me know what your Silver Key or Extra Fancy Key draws should be of.

– Brad

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  1. Borne2BeFancy

    Since the new SFPA got released on the app store by Kongregate, will my $5 fancy key have any effect? It doesnt look like it does so far, which is a bit of a shame since I also paid for the full game…
    Fancier pants maybe? Haha

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