Let’s Play License


Or something more official:

As owner of The Fancy Pants Adventures games, I (Brad Borne) grant any and all players the license to host and monetize footage of my games. Let’s Plays, reviews, commentary, complaining, etc, are all good, as long as the games and assets are used as a whole, and not for unrelated projects (for example, using game music in an unrelated video, characters or animations in another game…).

So go forth and Be Fancy! (then upload it!)


  1. TheEndExplorer

    I’m surprised I haven’t already seen many FPA Reviews on Youtube already. It’s definitely worth reviewing.

  2. FancyPantsSheep

    Lol, for a second I freaked out that I was doing something bad because I’ve played through fpa world 2 on my youtube channel and I am currently playing through fps world 1 original right now. Btw, if you’re wondering my youtube channel is Sheep64.

  3. Stupie

    Its great that if i get a youtube channel i can put up a video of me playing fancy pants but i have a question: how do i get my account picture to somthing different?

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