The Fancy Pants Adventures AS3 engine (W1 Remix & W4 Preview) now fully supports gamepad controls! Most (all?) console gamepads can be used with your computer nowadays, so finding a gamepad to play games with on your PC or Mac is now easier than ever.

Console gamepads supported natively:

– 360 gamepad
– PlayStation 3 gamepad
– PlayStation 4 gamepad

The Logitech Rumblepad 2 is also automatically configured, just because I had one lying around!

Mac / OS X:

You’ll need to install the Updated fork of the TattieBogle 360 Driver to enable 360 pad support.

PS3 and PS4 controllers are both supported natively in OS X. Wii Remotes and Wii U Pro controllers can easily be synced over Bluetooth with WJoy, you’ll just have to configure them in game.

Any USB gamepad that is natively supported by OS X will also work after being configured.

My personal favorite is the Wii U Pro controller, but whatever controller you have lying around will work pretty easily with the right program.

You will need to run Flash in unsafe mode (Preferences -> Security -> Plugin Settings) in Safari, but only for the site that the game is on. I haven’t had as much luck with the other browsers, and despite everything, Safari is still the best at running Flash.


The easiest option here will be the Wired 360 Controller (or wireless if you have the dongle).

The PS4 Controller should also work over USB or Bluetooth.

PS3 controller may be usable with a 3rd party program, but I’ve heard only bad things about the one that I know of, so if anyone can suggest something in the comments, I’ll add it here.

I wish I could recommend Wii and Wii U controllers, but they require installing the Toshiba Bluetooth stack to work properly, which I couldn’t get working on my system.

Check out this page if you’re adventurous!


I don’t have a Linux installation to test, so let me know! Does anything work out of the box? What gamepads do you guys use, and what programs do you use to get them to work (if any)?

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  1. Ivinike

    How i can use my 360 controller?.
    I have a wireless controller,but i have a charger who can be connected to my PC

    PD:Continue the good Job for world 4!

  2. Nathan Cabrera

    I’m using a PS3 controller and while I’m trying to configure the Left stick it only goes half way and even when it does go up a little more it suddenly sends me back a couple notches. If you know anyway of fixing this problem or if instructions how to do this part of configuring please reply I’d love to enjoy this game with my PS3 controller

  3. epsi22

    I’m the weirdo using a gamecube controller adapter for wii U/PC. No success. The “configure gamepad” sees the interaction with the left stick for a little bit and then acts like it’s not there.

  4. Tarik

    I just found 2 glitches: glitch 1: in the training room the enemy will freeze in mid air. glitch 2: in Squiggleville (level 1) the snail will poke its neck through the wall underneath the green building and the glitches were from the 3rd world in the FPA series

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