Sneak Peek

The Fancy Pants Adventures: Sneak Peek has been launched publicly! If you’d like to help spread the word, you can use this embed code:

Or you can grab Mochi’s zip from here.

Looks like the public Sneak Peek launched with a few extra bugs. Some files must have crossed over with my debug build, I was at EA’s GDC event, but now I’m home and I’ll be combing through the game until it’s back up to speed.

Everyone has been super helpful in finding all the bugs, so I’m going to keep a list here of known bugs and fixed bugs.

Thanks to Mochi’s Version Control, I’ll be able to patch up every build that’s around the internet. Now that’s just swell ๐Ÿ˜€

Second Round of issues is half fixed!

Updated on Mochi and Kongregate, don’t want to send an update to Newgrounds so soon.

Known issues (second round):

– Logic defying head bump behavior
– Shallow water glitches
– High performance mode
– Low RAM usage mode


– Debug input was not disabled
– Swimming is noticably more buggy than original Sneak Peek
– Behind the scenes improvements with APIs
– Tweak input functions, see if anyone has better luck with them
– Shut off MicroTrial after some inactivity
– Ledge grab glitches
– Science score not submitting when leaving science room
– NaN showing up in challenge score (maybe fixed, I guess we’ll see)
– Camera may stop tracking at certain spots

Just a reminder, the console game shares none of this code, so I can confirm that none of these issues will be on the 360 or ps3, regardless!


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