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  1. Dodamath

    Cool, new sounds :woot: ! But the sounds for hitting baddies seem a but TOO muffled to me, IMHO. Also, midway through the jump sound, there’s this scratching sound that’s bothering me. On a somewhat unrelated note, I love the new pants! Could you also throw in some more pants colors? I can’t wait till my favorite color (teal/cyan) is back in!

  2. AJ32

    @Brad: You should add a “Soundpack” option in the pause menu where we can choose if we want to use the classic sounds or the new sounds. I miss the old sounds. ๐Ÿ™

      • fpaftw

        What if sound packs were unlockable? It kind of makes more sense than just choosing them, and since level 1 of the world 1 remix has two unlockables and spaces for two more, it might help to prevent the amount of pants from exceeding 9000.

        • Brad

          Heh well I’d rather the new sounds just be better than the old sounds. They’re still a work in progress, so just try to be as specific as possible about what you don’t like about the new sounds / like better about the old sounds.

          • Cevan

            Well, the main reason I’m not a fan of these new sounds is that some of them sound a little too “realistic,” in a way. The spring sound is a bit too real sounding (in my opinion) for FPA; the older one sounded more like some kind of cartoony spring, which fit the game very well.

            The new sound for jumping on an enemy just doesn’t have the same OOMPH the old one did. It was always rewarding hearing the old sound after you jump off a foe’s head. The new one isn’t very impactful at all.

            The new jump sound is alright, but I still prefer the old one. Similar to the old spring sound, it had a more cartoony sound to it that fit in a little better.

            The new squiggle sound just sounds almost a bit metallic, and again, not as cartoony as it was before.

            • Brad

              Fair enough, I think I agree for the most part, though I think the baddie hit sound was a bit too grading (sliding through 3 of them was ear murder, heh). I do like the new baddie hit, but I think we can stand to make it a bit more cartoony, probably needs to sound a bit less like the Donkey Kong’s baddie hit anyways.

              Honestly I think the old spring sound wasn’t very good, for the most part the old sounds were old low quality stock effects. So high quality but more cartoony, hmm.

              • AJ32

                The old “baddie hit” sound was nearly perfect in my opinion. The new “open door” sound sounds too realistic. Same for the new spring sound. The new squiggle sound is okay.

                I’m still waiting for the sliding sound to be included in the game again…

  3. dat fancy swager

    Finally I change my username,Anyways nice new animation for fancypants however flash seems to be taking 100 percent of my CPU.I kinda hope that world 4 or the remake of world 1 wonโ€™t hog my CPU like world 3 did,It almost made it unplayable cuz it was soooooo s l o w.(oh yea this is super fancypants I hated that name.)

  4. Fancy

    Interesting sounds, Brad! It took a bit to get used to, but I think I can live with it. and yeah, sound packs would be cool. for retro people like myself. but don’t get me wrong, new and change is alright. if nothing changed, we would be really bored. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. angryplant

    the first thing i said when i heard the new sounds was “what did you just say to me?”. and i am in favor of being able to choose sounds.

  6. gelukkig ik

    I got the purple trousers :mrgreen: . Also found a new bug. Where should I report these? When i jump on the wall of the moving platform that is at the bottom of the screen of the second secret level and stick to it, while holding down, i slide to the bottom. Then as I touch the ground I roll up into a ball, but still stick to the moving platform. I get this consistantly.

    • Brad

      Good catch! Though I had fixed that, but it seems to not detach properly for the rollโ€ฆ Which should detach the easiest.. Bah. Anyways, might fix this one post launch since itโ€™s not game breaking or atrocious or anything.

  7. Sausagefanclub

    Hm… seems like many people preferred the old sounds. Probably because they’re used to them. I say the pause menu should include an option to switch the sound effects between “Classic” and “New” so that everyone’s satisfied. But first I think we should make sure the new ones fit well enough. My favorites are the new squiggle and spring sound effects, but the baddie stomp effect needs that “squishy” feel that World 3 had.

  8. fernando

    BUGGGGGG: before kicking the ball blue bowling, hold down “Shift” (1 second before it kicks)
    leave the “Shift” insured until the FPM is no longer on the screen, After that it may drop
    Enjoy the game in slow motion

    version 2:
    press “Shift” before entering any port (mainly in the door where ah a room with a spider and some scribbles [it almost useless white room]) hold “Shift” pressed until you get out of that white screen
    Enjoy the game in slow motion ยฒ

  9. DaxterSpeed

    Going down the box (first level) fpm appeared above it instead of inside it.

    I died in ink pt2 and the game froze in a white screen.

    • DaxterSpeed

      I can’t recreate this now. There seems to be a bug where fpm is put in a “weird mode” but I can’t for the life of me figure out what causes it.

      What I did before that happened was:
      1) Enter secret level, get purple pants
      2) Enter key door in level 1
      3) Go to the “secret” level in level 1 (the one where you get the striped pants)
      4) Go to the “between” level after level 1 (the one with the moving platforms)
      5) Enter the box

      Somewhere in that series of events something went wrong. The second time I tried to recreate the bug I ended up messing up “between” level pretty bad (all but one platform were moving at incredible speed) so I had to reset (with “r”) and that seemed to fix it.

    • Brad

      Kreds are currency on The game will be live there soon (tomorrow?), but I’ve been testing the build on this site until then, the UI’s the same on both sites for now, though.

      20 Kreds is around 2 USD, 50 is 5 etc.

      Sorry about any confusion, the game’s taking a bit longer to go fully online than I expected, but keys should be available soon!

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