Update Changelog


– Added back all the protections against glitches that I had taken out, hoping that I didn’t really need them. All of those plus a ton of new ones was what finally got the shell to stop falling through the platforms.


– Added code to make the shells correctly roll off of edges. Watching the shell kinda float until it completely rolled into the golf hole was driving me crazy (yes I’m weird like that). Shell will also bounce correctly when hitting edges (thanks to Metanet and their N physics tutorials for the inspiration. Though honestly, I hardly understand anything they’re using whatsoever, I just got an idea on how I could do edges within my goofy faked physics system from this picture).


– Added a stopwatch, like World 1 on Kongregate.

– Best time displayed in trophy/colors room.

– Angry Rabbit won’t just jump over you now.

– 2 squiggles added to boss battle, getting them lets you take one more hit before dying. They’re the only squiggles that come back after you die.

-Screen blinking after loading improved… mostly…

– Added another sign about wall jumping to Level 4

– Exaggerated spiders crawling over you when you’re defeated.

– Player now needs to hold the direction away from the wall to let go a wall jump, so players switching directions with the jump won’t accidently cancel the wall jump.

– Fixed Geier’s name to match the rest in credits

– New inky walls transitional level

– New ‘ladder’ moving platforms transitional level

– fixed wall jump to ledge hang notches in the Level 5 wall that leads to the Afro Dojo

– FPM can plow through baddies now if he’s sliding or rolling fast enough (which would be faster than a run, so still no easy mass spider killing) (you guys wanted this one, no?)

– invincible for a few frames after sliding into something so if you hit two spiders that are taking up the same space, you won’t get hurt

– music on / off toggle saved after game is closed

– Finished Level 5 background (FINALLY, looks so much better now :D)

– option to reset game data (I’ve promised a few people this, though I’m not sure how I should implement it, I guess I can break the rules for something as important as that and make it clickable…)

– update ‘matrix backflip’ head and hair

– update getting hurt clip

– and a bunch of other little stupid things that I can’t believe got through testing, ugh

– fixed spring/baddie jump hair

– cleaned up slopes transitional level

– cleaned up duck motion lines

– Level 4 background finished, background not empty anymore, woot.

– Animated mayor

– more accurate bounce physics for shell

– added Angry Mouse baddies, from World 1


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