FPA For Console, Frequently Asked Questions:

You guys have been asking a lot of questions about The Fancy Pants Adventures and World 3, and I want to be completely open with everyone. So, read on! I’ll be adding questions later as they come up. – Brad

So… What happened to World 3?

Nothing! World 3 is coming to console first and where it will be played BEST! I’m focusing all of my attention on the console game right now but once it’s all wrapped up, there is still a planned Flash release. Without the incredible support from the Flash community, FPA wouldn’t be where it is today, I’m not going to forget about all of you!

Is The Fancy Pants Adventures for console the same as World 3?

Not so much. FPA for console is collaboration between me, EA and Over The Top Games. While the core of the game is still being prototyped in Flash by me, Over The Top has worked to create a lot of new content specifically for console that I would never have been able to create at such a big scope on my own.

World 1 and World 2 are also playable in FPA, which adds a whole ton of content that can be played with all of the new moves and gameplay.

Should I just wait for World 3?

Absolutely not! FPA on console is going to be the best way to adventure as Fancy Pants Man – Full screen on your TV, played with a controller – that’s the old school way to play platformers!

Like I said, there’s going to be a ton of content in the console game that won’t make it back into Flash. Right now we’re designing with the console in mind, which has very few limitations compared to Flash.

I’m trying to be completely honest with you guys about this. The bottom line is, we’re working to make FPA for console the best arcade game that we can make. Once I’ve done that, I’ll be working to make World 3 the best Flash game that I can make.

On top of all the new levels, gameplay, and challenges, I’ll be able to talk about all the features that I’m REALLY excited about very soon, so keep checking back for updates!

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  • Is there going to be a Multiplayer related patch for FPA xbla version? or has there already been one. I have not purchased the full game yet. All I could find was this article http://www.dealspwn.com/fancy-pants-adventures-receive-multiplayer-patch-exclusive-57573

    Any news? Thanks!

  • On the PS3? I’m not sure, the game doesn’t use EA’s servers, though, so I’m guessing whatever Sony has set up? Once the game starts it should be a peer to peer connection, so once the match is made, you’re not relying on any servers. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a game before with some of the member of my site where a few weren’t in NA.

    I know I’ve played one on one with someone who has a very high ping connection (despite actually living pretty close), but the game played perfectly. One on one matches are very lenient. I believe the game uses a GGPO system, which has to rewind and fast forward the game to figure out what would have happened if there wasn’t any lag, which starts to tax the system with 4 players if it has to go back and forth too much.

    You’ll see a bit of warping on high latency, but the controls stay responsive because of the networking system. I actually haven’t heard of Ibb and Orb, I may have to check it out. Don’t know what system it uses for online, though. From what I can tell, the online system in FPA is basically as good as it gets for lag compensation nowadays.

    Please let me know how it works out, especially what you think of the multiplayer!

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