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Asking me how I make games

I’d just like to point out that the FAQs page already has answers about what software I use and my opinion on tutorials or giving out code to help would-be coders learn.

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  1. artistunknow01

    Hey Brad, I was thinking that fancy pants could wear a shirt along with pants. Can you make a way that fancy pants fans could play as fancy pants with a shirt? Here isa picture of how he should look like: he can wear a tanktop and fans should be able to customize his colors.Please email me back.

    • Brad

      Well I’m not working in the AS2 engine anymore, there’s some combat in the new engine, but I haven’t done anything with it in awhile. Maybe if there’s a smaller release in the future focused on combat?

      • artistunknow01

        That’s a great idea. If you could make a game focusing on fighting, that would be awesome and fans might think that’s really cool. If you can make that, I know you will make it awesome. One more thing, can you make it so you can play as Fancy pants, Cutie pants, and Rainbow beard? Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

  2. Bruno Andrade

    Hi there, man! Your work is amazing! I’d like to know which physics physics concepts are envolved in fpa, I gonna study all them. I’m a web developer from brasil, and like to srudy game development. But I’m not good with physics yet. That is it. Congratulations for your art!

  3. Cassiane Vieira

    Amazing job! It must be complicated. How did ya decide to start making this games?
    AW: What if there was a game about FPM getting married? Something about the bouquet, who knows..!
    Nice to know ya like to keep in touch with your fans. If ya need any ideas for new games, text me.

  4. Roxy868

    :er_neutral: i dont know how getting married in a platformer will work… and whos he gonna bet married to? miss smarty pants women? lol im not brad or making fun of your idea but having fpm get married isnt really what the games about… 😕 come to think about… i dont think the seires has a theme other then funy stories and running around being FANCY!! but hey, what do i know? lol

  5. Flash 398

    Hi Brad! Is it possible to make that in kongregate and this site my FPA remix progress would be the same? I mean I have supported you on kongregate (took long to complete those “free” offers from europe and earn 2 dollars)but would like to play it on this site.

  6. FancyPantsSheep

    Brad, I checked out the new fpa world 1 remix and I liked it all except for one thing, the jumping mechanic (If that’s what you’d called it.) felt weird and different, is their any way that you could make it so that the the game felt like the was less gravity or play kinda like the fancy pants man did in the first 3 fpa games?

  7. amichay16

    You need to make it easier to purchase keys. like big paypal button on the site.
    I tried doing it via fancy pants remix 1 and couldn’t …


  8. Higor Queiroz Melo

    Hello, good evening. My name is Higor, a programmer and designer of websites and games. A while ago I had been in contact with you to make a partnership game, but I leave the project behind for lack of experience. Today, three or four years later I am contacting again. Are you open to new ideas and partnerships? If so, step you my email. Forgive my typing error. I am Brazilian. 😳


  9. Tosney Studio

    Hey, brad 😎 , do you have youtube channel, pleaaase i need tutorials of how to make a game as FPA :fpm: (sorry if there are ortographic errors i dont speak english) pleeeaaaasee 🙂 :woot:

  10. Matiku12

    Hello, i got idea : idea: . The fancy pants adventure world 1 remix is good, but i got idea. Are you create the multiplayer race on the game the fancy pants adventures world 1 remix. The race the player is finished 1st place, is won points and the players the finished last place, is not got the points. On the please create the shop of color pants, decoraitons pants, hats. On the buyng the keys change the dollars the points. Please update the game The fancy pants adventures world 1 remix and peoples is verry fun game. Good luck 😉 .

  11. circle

    I think that the fancy pants box editor should be added sand.
    I mean, I can make levels but there is no sand and it should be. Also I think you should add the new enemies… Pirate, Bird, Crab…
    Those parts are missing from the editor (in flash).

  12. fancylol2

    hey brad creo que en el mundo 4 seria chido que el fancy pants man pegaria con los puños 😎 tambien que pudieramos star en la patineta movernos y saltar y soltarnos de la patineta :mrgreen: y que estubiera el modo multijugador o cambir de personaje como cutie pants el pirata de la barba multicolor o 💡 un personaje extra para desbloquear por ejemplo 😉 la novia de fancy pants man o el padre o la mama o un hermano o un fancy pants man niño o el que tenia sombrero negro y camisa blanca nome acuerdo que era creo que era el presidente

  13. fingkey

    Anyone embedded the game code into HTML, cause it doesn’t seem to work for me, could somebody who’s done it reply with the pasted code?

  14. Matthew Beech

    Hey Brad, i’ve loved the fancy pants games, for a while now,
    its actually pretty surpising the Fancy pants games are still being made. because alot of flash games normally get disgarded, glad, that there still being made!

  15. circle

    Hello Brad, what I need to name the platform of the sand in the Fancy Pants package fla?

    *EDIT* I mean how to make a sand platform in the Fancy Pants Box…

  16. boattrigger

    Hi Brad, I know you don’t have much spare time, but could you put the FPA soundtrack up on iTunes? I would totally buy it. :cat:

  17. mati


  18. maciejz

    Hey mati, what you’ve said to educkface wasn’t nice. P.S. I think he will report you in the forum. :angerz: :angerz: :angerz: :angerz: :angerz:

  19. arboldeoro

    Hey brad a have a question ¿The game the game will get Steam support for multiplayer? a and good game 🙂 please its super fun :fpm:

  20. derp32

    Hey Brad, I’m having this problem with all three of the world 1 remix challenges where as soon as the game finishes loading the screen goes white except for the “click for options”. The music keeps playing but the screen just stays white (I am using the latest version of flash and using Firefox) plz halp 🙁

  21. vicky21kitty

    Hey there Brad,

    I plan on publishing a comic/book soon and I just wanted to make sure I’m not copying your artwork or that it looks to similar. You see back in 2010 when I first played your game I loved the character fancy pants man. So I decided to draw him. Eventually over the years  the stick figure changed a bit and was slightly different from your character. The main difference from the character is the color of the hair is orange and the instead of pants he has an green triangle kilt, as well the story of this character. You see during this time I loved anything to do with native Americans, especially their art. So fancy pants evolved into a stickman called Tikigi and had stories dealing with ancient tribes and artwork similar to petroglyphs.   

    I guess what I am asking is, it all right that I use this stick figure and publish it in a comic/book with the acceptation that this character is different from fancy pants as the story and the Tikigi stick figure itself is different , but acknowledge the fact that it did originate from fancy pants at the time.

    I just want to make sure when I publish that I’m not copyrighting anyone else’s work and that you see Tikigi stickfigure, something different from fancy pants, as my own character. (The differences in this character are orange hair, green triangle kilt, and different storyline more about tribes and native American stories whereas fancy pants is a stick figure traveling through a world of drawings having an adventure.   

    Thanks Hope to here back from you soon.

                                                                   -Vicky. L   

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