Play the Alpha!

The World 1 Remix is live!

Forget the alpha, go play the real thing!

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  1. gelukkig ik

    Awsome! This is soo cool. Already a secret level and a *cutscene*! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    unlocking the disco ball isn’t meant to do anything, right?
    also, some of those moving platforms are a lower resolution than the rest of the lvl.

    EDIT: wait.. it’s a marble?

    • Brad

      Maybe change your pants color…

      And they are, most of the platforms are bitmapped, but they’re just stretched squares for the collision. I’ll figure it out later, heh.

      • gelukkig ik

        I didn’t see it, as i had yellow pants on.. that looks awesome!

        EDIT: when you slide out of the level, while in the air, the game glitches and stops entirely, so you need to restart it. I tried it on the source code level and the secret level.

  2. fpaftw

    I LOVE THIS BOWLING BALL. But why can’t it run over other players? 🙁
    Also, MARBLE PANTS! And they unlock in the AS3 test after getting them. Yay.

    [EDIT] Okay, so I just knocked a fourth spider into the path of the bowling ball, and then when I kicked the bowling ball, it hit two spiders it had already killed, and the second made it bounce upwards for some reason, so now it’s stuck.

    • Brad

      Hmm I was making this with just 1 player in mind, but that would be pretty funny, heh.

      Huh, that’s weird, pressing i should reset the level. I’ll look through it again, I had to make the bowling ball funky so it didn’t bounce off of things.

  3. AxeGenie

    Hey, Brad! Loving the stripey pants, and I notice you fixed the hat bug!
    Current bugs:
    -It is possible if travelling at sufficient speed to reach the secret area without breaking in with the bowling ball. It takes a few tries, but it’s worthy of note.
    -FPM’s head displays on top of his hat.

    Suggestion: I keep anticipating that pushable platforms will react to being walked on. For example, if I land on one with enough horizontal speed and stop, it should slide a bit, like jumping onto a sled. Likewise with jumping off or walljumping. Another physics-ey consideration is the possibility of sliding into a pushable to “kick” it, so it could move some distance a bit faster than you’d be able to push it.

  4. zlittle4

    In the first level, If you run off of the platform that used to have the wall jump box, and land on the platform right before the door you can fall through if you hit it just right.

    • Brad

      The frame doubling code’s been causing some trouble with collision. I tweaked platform collision a tad, can you tell me if it still breaks? I went through a few platforms awhile ago, but I haven’t recently.

      Just another tiny change, I’ve made air control slightly better, would like to know how that feels.

  5. viik999

    когда прыгаешь на шаре где написано лол, то тело куда-то пропадает. а как пройти дальше?

    • Brad

      The collision on the face looks fine to me, the box is acting up a bit though. I’ll have to check it out later, especially if I add boxes to the main content in the remix.

    • Brad

      I have a simple loop sound function in there for the bowling ball, need to update it and add the slide loop. Things are a bit sloppy in there at the moment, but I’ll have some cool news on sounds soon 😀

  6. angryplant

    since this is the W1 remix, Brad probably isnt going to make those things for it, but he probably will for W4

    Also, if you hit the “R” key while in the “LOL” room, the meme face replicates.

  7. The Creator

    I can’t play it!! 😕 As soon as fancy pants spawns from the door he just levitates to the left out of the borders of the screen. There’s also this weird patch of grass to the right of the spawn area and an extra fancy pants head can be seen floating beneath the ground… :er: Happens every time I refresh the page as well 😐

  8. squiggleinator3000

    ERMAGERDAHMTHEFUHRSTAWNTHELEHST! (Translation: Oh my God I’m the first on the list!) Whoa… 307… took me some time lol.

  9. Fancy

    Hey Brad, Fancy here.

    So I noticed something. When Fancy Pants kicks the bowling ball, (shouldn’t that hurt his foot?) 😆 when Fancy flies up into the air, for a spilt second, his pants disappear.

    I really enjoy your games. Especially Fancy’s adventures. You and Fancy Pants crafted my childhood.

    Thanks Brad. You truly inspire me to be a better person. (and animator.)

    • Brad

      Haha! FPM’s been kicking things for awhile now, he must have some hard feet by now 😎

      Which animation? I uploaded a few half finished ones, once I make a post about a newer build (soon I hope), let me know if the problem is still there.

      Wow, that’s a heck of a compliment! Makes me think that the games I’m working on will never be good enough, but I’ll try and hope you’ll enjoy them at least as much as the old ones! But seriously, it makes a ton to me.

      Hope to see some animations from you some time! :woot:

  10. Cevan

    Well, this is a rather strange bug.

    So I was going along in the final area of the level, when suddenly the camera just slowly scrolled to the top right corner of the screen without me. I could still hear myself when I jumped, but I wasn’t in the screen view at all. I was able to maneuver myself downwards, and the sounds of getting loads of squiggles all at once was heard. Next thing I knew I had been respawned at the start of the room.

    • Brad

      Had some problems with the walls collision that popped up from the moving platforms mixed with the dynamic framerate code. I’m adding in some looser code, just let me know if it happens again in the next build!

  11. squiggleinator3000

    (warning, spoilers. lots of spoilers.) OH MY GOD ART (by the way, you can see the platform purple of awesome) !!!! AND you finished the kick animation! AND yer working on a new backfflip animation! AND you added a sound to the walljump (but it’s the same as the normal jump sound)

    • Brad

      Oh there I go breaking things again!

      Pretty huge behind the scenes bugfixathon. Squiggle room is working again, looking into the lol room right now.

      Alright, lol room loading, but still some bugs in there. Can’t say that I’ve give them room extensive polish yet…

  12. Fancy

    Whoa. A lot of stuff has changed in a few days! And it’s okay if stuff keeps breaking. I’ve seen or found many a glitch in video games, so it doesn’t bother me if something’s not working the way it should. I’ll find a way around it.

    By the way, I’ve been itching to ask this for a long time, since I played the first Fancy Pants Adventures, why doesn’t Fancy Pants have a face? Was it too much work at the time or something? or is it just the way Fancy Pants is? :fpm:

    • fpaftw

      Imagine if he did have a face, that’d look really weird.
      Speaking of faces, what about unlockable masks you could wear on your face?

  13. Fancy

    By the way, I don’t mean a realistic face. I draw Fancy Pants a lot, and I always give him a face. If there was a way to put a picture of that somewhere…I’d probably have to use MS Paint. I’m not too bad at that.

  14. squiggleinator3000

    Level loading… Preparing level… – awesome! By the way that platform is LAWNG!
    EDIT: I kinda miss the mouse… And the walljump level… ah…

  15. Fancy

    oh hey! I think I found one.

    I stomped on a spider and the grass stopped moving, even when I ran past it. also this black scribble thing was floating above it. :er:

  16. Cevan

    Found a new bug. If you run up that steep hill and end up doing a backflip on it, once you land it will look as if you just got hit by an enemy (as in, the hurt animation will play just from landing but you won’t actually get hurt).

    Edit: Found another one. I went into that door on that same floating area that the bowling ball is on (the door that takes you to the room of squiggles), and when I tried to exit, it wouldn’t allow me to.

    • Brad

      Ah, yeah I should have looked at that closer. I added back the land on head thing, but I also messed with the ‘matrix backflip’ and for some reason it doesn’t stop rotating. On that right now!

      (Well phew, that was an easy fix for a change. Both flips should be smoother now, too!)

      Something’s up with the doors now, too…

  17. SunnyMcHatterson

    Hey Brad, I found one! In the squiggle room, I ran full speed to the right and jumped into the corner of the room, and disappeared off-screen. I could still jump, and after moving for a bit, I re-spawned back into the room. I just thought you should know. I’ll see if I can find anything else.

  18. Cevan

    Found a bit of a strange bug. If you call in a second player and position them under a spring, and then jump on the spring right over their head, the spring will freak out and raise up extremely high.

    It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but if you keep trying you’ll get it eventually.

  19. gelukkig ik

    i just found the weirdest bug: when i slide towards the left at the end of the fist level, right where the mouse is, i glitch through the floor every time. EDIT: hm. I reloaded and it stopped doing it.

  20. Ben

    I think I found a glitch: Sometimes when backflipping he doesn’t go to the animation but still rotates around.

    Also another glitch is if I hold Down & the Right arrow at the same time and then press space the moment I hit the ground I can jump super high.

    BTW, you need to add dark green hats, and a green top hat!

  21. fpaftw

    It is now possible to complete the game (get to the end of the level 1 transition) without ever using the left or right arrow keys.

    If you’re trying this, good luck.

    Also try getting the striped pants.

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