Fraser’s Ride update

You know what I really hate? Keeping a game a secret. I’d probably tell you guys about a lot more if half the stuff I fool around with never sees the light of day. But for now, here’s a peek at Fraser’s Ride!

(click on an image to view the description, click again to view the image full-sized)

And just for fun, here’s some shots of the last build we showed the interwebs:


  1. WJUK

    This looks like it’ll turn out frickin’ awesome. With an artist in the group, things certainly look better (not to say that FPA looks bad). Although this looks still reminds me of FPA somehow. Just looking at the screens makes me itch to play it.

  2. Lazor

    You both have some pretty cool ideas for this game. It looks like a lot of fun. The only thing bugging me is the uneven width of the strokes. Besides that, these screenshots are pretty cool, and I can’t wait for the beta.

    btw, will you make the honey in the background drip? (Shape tween maybe?) That would be pwnage.

  3. WJUK

    I think the game looks amazing. And I’ve just noticed the mini-map now, after looking at the screens again. Looks like you’ll have some good level design in.

    Just asking: Are the levels generally quite easy or do they get (much?) harder later on?

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