For World 1, I was proud that when Fancy Pants Man just stood there, he swayed back and forth, 72 frames of continuous, 30 frames every second (when the game is running full speed, it animates faster than Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) animation. Mario had 1 frame of idle animation, Sonic had something like 5. Donkey Kong Country doesn’t count, it was computer animated.

For World 2, not only does Fancy Pants Man continuously animate, even when not moving, he’ll go through a few different idle animations while he’s getting bored. In the demo, he just fell asleep, but in the full game, he’ll do a few, more interesting things. Currently, FPM has 514 frames of idle animation, which I’m quite sure is some sort of record.

Here’s a shot of the latest idle animation that I was working on:

Think that’s crazy? You should see the other timelines!

So why does this actually matter? Who actually watches FPM while he’s just sitting there? Really, I want to give the little guy much more personality this time around, and I think this is a fun way to do that.



  1. Yehuda Berlinger


    I really love the personality you’ve given the guy. Appreciated!

    That, the boinging platforms, the smooth scrolling, the wtf moments of running upside down, and the ability to keep playing even when a spider eats you made the game really appealing.

    So thanks.


  2. DrNeroCF

    Yehuda, much appreciated! Even now I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to give the little guy more personality. So its always nice to see that people enjoy that.

    And ‘who do you think’, I don’t think that you even have 514 frames of idle animation in real life 😛

  3. Dannieman

    I went back and noticed the animation for the smoke (under the fancy pants man’s feet) and it looks pretty cool. I got the shell against the purple thing and it bounces endlessly ; lotsa smoke. While testing the smoke animations I also noticed that it’s possible to do some precise brake sliding (or maybe drifting). There are so many ways to do flips and landings that are all different, there might still be a way I haven’t found yet. *goes back and checks*

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