Why Not

Before we started filming, my fat cat decided to say hi.Just thought I’d prove that the video is real and Fairly/Jenna exists 😛

Video Thing Again

If it’s not working still and you have Quicktime, either click return in the address bar to load the movie file again, or try right clicking and save file as…*shrug* It’s being weird for me, if I click it and click back and click it again, it works fine.(it’s Quicktime, and I should probably learn how to embed videos…)Yeah whateva.


  1. VideoGuy

    i’ve done a couple of web sites so i know how to embed a movie

    the code is:

    and dont forget to change the height and width in that code if you do embed it

    autoplay and loop are self explainatory (you can set it to true or false)

  2. WJUK

    Should have put it on YT ¬¬

    @VideoGuy: Yea, if you type out HTML code that wordpress comments doesn’t understand it just ommits it. Yea, I know sucky.

  3. WJUK

    Ok, watched the video. Worked fine for me. I just had to install QT first (since I reformatted my laptop – I didn’t have it).


    Wait, Brad… is that… is that vodka in your right hand?! LOL Nah, it’s probably just water but the thought of a video of Brad drunk just seems hilarious to me.

    And was the cat called “Scout” that’s what I picked up. I can see you two sending it on recon missions for your own nefarious needs…

    I also like how Jenna looks like she’s doing work while Brad’s just like… chilling…

  4. Nyubis

    Home videos are cool, especially for fancy geniouses like you 😉
    And my brother thinks brad looks like a hobo 😀
    But hobos are cool.
    And Jenna is gorgeous 😛

  5. TheTrooper

    Yeah my cat does crazy stuff like that whenever I’m reading the paper or a book and it kinda gets annoying but ’tis also quite funny and cute.

  6. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, my mom wanted to pick that name, and it’s my dad’s favorite book (he’s a lawyer, btw).

    If my cat jumped that high and caught a bird, it would look more like bowser’s side b move in Brawl… and THAT would be sweet.

  7. WJUK

    Wait, what?

    Did we just go from:
    – Fat Cats
    – Fat Jumping Cats
    – The cat’s name
    – Brad looking like that guy from Pirates of The Carribean
    – Brad looking like a hobo
    – Hobowars.com

    And I thought I knew you guys…

  8. Rob

    Holy shit she does. In fact, it probably *is* her. She’s living a double-life behind Brad’s back – just as I secretly stalk-ishly suspected. :O!

  9. WJUK

    @Mistercheef: Oh… no wonder. That’s kinda sucky isn’t it? The iPhone should have a copy and paste function right?

    @Rob: *gasp* CONSPIRACY! (We haven’t had one of these in a while – let’s make the most of it)

  10. educkface

    yeah, that was me and my brother. I was going to make my name MBorne to stop anyone confusing me with brad, but only Borne fit :/

  11. TheTrooper

    WOOOOOO I MADE A NEW HOBO!!!!!! His name is Mascot Max..I dunno why I chose that name it was the first thing that came into my head.

  12. VideoGuy


    You can turn the sound off in Fancy Pants. Just hit the M key. It doesnt turn all the sound off, cuz you still hear the “boings” and “ouch” noises that fancy pants man makes, but it gets rid of the music. Then hit M to turn it back on.

    But who doesn’t like the music?

  13. DrNeroCF

    Heh, educk is my cousin, the only other Borne I’m related to around here, Mike’s his brother, my older cousin. So, no, they’re not just really weird fans, haha.

    And yeah I get compared to Orlando Bloom a lot…

  14. FairlyObvious

    Ok I just checked that one out and I definitely do NOT resemble her, I think thats just the angle of the camera and the face I was making . . . I can see it if I look at it that way but otherwise . . . not at all

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