iPhone / Too Human

So I just downloaded the WordPress app for my (pre 3G) iPhone, testing it out…

Playing the Too Human demo at the moment, haven’t really heard any buzz about it on the Internet (the demo, I mean, the Internet won’t shut up about the actual game).

Wow, it’s awful. Really, really bad. I’ll have to go into it a bit more once I’m back on the computer (that is, if you guys care), but all I keep hearing about is how much better the game gets every time the press sees it again. If that’s true, then the first versions must have been absolutely atrocious…

Maybe I should make a list of all the things wrong with the game and see if any of them get fixed…


  1. WJUK

    I tried the demo as well and didn’t like it either. I’m not sure if it was the weird right analog stick to melee attack thing (which means you virtually have no control over the camera anymore) or something else. But I didn’t like it. I thought I’d get use to it after a while but eventually I just gave up and stopped.

  2. Nyubis

    Meh. iPhone in Belgium are double the regular price because you’d normally get an abbonnement with mobistar, but that’s ‘chainselling’ and forbidden in Belgium, so you’re paying twice the price to choose the abbonnement. 🙁

  3. Mistercheef

    My origanal iphone froze up and doesnt work (maybe cause i dropped it lol) so im a gonna get a 3g later this year hopefully (my parents rock!)

    Too human doesnt look that next gen to me, i saw a video on it, and it really just looks like another 3rd person magic fighter dude with *gasp* only 2 player coop online! Oh noes!!!!

  4. DrNeroCF

    Don’t worry, I’m going to have a pretty huge post soon (or would you guys prefer a few smaller posts all posted at once?), definitely some screens of Fraser’s Ride, which we’ve been making some pretty massive progress in, maybe some video, and a bunch of other topics. For now, I need some sleep though, right after I finish sending Tommy the clips of the new baddie in FR… 😉

  5. DrNeroCF

    Welcome, thecope!

    I always wonder how many people just lurk around here without posting. Lots of people make accounts and then never post, so I guess there could be a lot…

    Anyways, welcome aboard, I’ll break the posts up, then. And I tend to go to sleep late, so it’s around 1-3 in the morning over here when I post, except for right now…

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