All’s well

I’ve been posting in the forum and in the comments, but I figured I should finally make a post.

Anyways, everything’s back to normal over here, no damage whatsoever, and the city doesn’t look dead like it did after Katrina. So it looks like we’ll be okay, for now…

And, because I can, some shots from one of the Fraser’s Ride cinematics:


  1. Gazzo

    Looks like it’ll be interestin’ to say the least.

    I’m looking forward to giving it a go. For some reason, I really love how the honey looks in the game. Haha.

  2. DrNeroCF

    WJUK: It’s close to being done, except for all the stuff we changed, and that extra layer of polish that goes with it. You know, the long, grueling part of making a video game: getting it to work right.

    zymm: Congrats! I have the demo of Paradise, but as I like to complain about on here a lot, I really hate the free roaming aspect they added. I loved Burnout Revenge on 360, but no Crash minigame thing = EPIC FAIL.

    And it’s DrNeroCF 😛

    I still have to plug the thing back in and get to some Castle Crashing… (which is a must-buy if you haven’t already, such an awesome game)

  3. WJUK

    Sweet, I’m guessing when this comes out it’ll practically shine with the amount of polish your pointing on. Better get my shades. 😀

    Btw, I did find your profile (through the xbox website) although I was unsure whether or not it was yours. I saw the Pirate avatar and saw that Castle Crashers was high your most recently played, but still I wasn’t sure. 🙂 I still haven’t gotten my hands on Castle Crashers, everytime I have time to I seem to forget. Well, that and I’m saving up for the onslaught of games that is coming up. It’s going to be an insane Christmas…

  4. DrNeroCF

    Mostly I’ve been working on a client project, with a bit of time spread between Mega Man 9 (Wii version with the classic controller!), de Blob, and Wario Land: Shake It.

    Oh and a new build of World 2 that I think a lot of people will appreciate (nothing’s changed except for the way I handle data, though).

    And by Castle Crashers, Jenna and I spent a good deal of time playing it yesterday, so deliciously old school beat-em-up!

  5. WJUK

    Megaman 9! Awesome… my only gripe with the game is that it doesn’t come in a boxed copy so we don’t get that awesome looking box-art. As for Castle Crashers, I’ve still yet to pick that up although I’ve tried the trial and loved it. I just need to get round to either using my card (now where the hell did that go?) or picking up a points card (probably this option).

  6. john junner

    I love the animation and the way the character looks makes
    you know it’s one of Brad’s games gust like fancy pants man:]

  7. Vick

    @Brad, I noticed in the other gallery (the one taken from gameplay) that there’s a arrow in front of (I’m guessing here) Fraiser, so am I to expect that this game will be controlled mouse. Also, do you have a PS3 and if so do you have a PSNetwork account?

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