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Hey guys, so I’m trying out a new sidebar thingy, something that would allow me to make smaller posts that don’t push down more important posts (like pictures of various pets on my shoulders).

What do you think of the idea? Is the site too thick now? Should I just sell my soul and finally get a twitter to place up here?


  1. DrNeroCF

    The bigger posts have always been super narrow, no change there. The site’s always been super narrow, so I guess the question is, is that a decent use for the extra space?

    Wouldn’t mind if I could visually separate the sidebars from the middle more, though…

  2. WJUK

    I think it’s fine. I’m not sure for other people, but it easily fits onto my screen.

    I also like the idea, hopefully we’ll get more shorter posts.

  3. tallwhitey

    might be better to just lease your soul by seeing how twitter works for you. that’s the darling of social media right now, so might as well use it to your advantage to get the word out in the spaces people are playing.

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