Happy ’10!

Should be a good year for Fancy Pants Man!

Rural Squiggleville. I’m still experimenting the exact graphic style of World 3, so this is still pretty rough, but I’d love to get some early feedback from everyone out there. The idea is to refine the style and art, but keep everything looking handdrawn, which is no where near as easy to do as I had hoped it would be. I know I’m a much better animator than background artist, but hey, might as well try, right?

And remember, that’s 5 independently scrolling backgrounds there, just like in the swimming videos. Far more work, but I’d say the parallax effect is worth it.


Squiggleville Mark III:

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  1. WJUK

    So… er… Brad, when is the demo coming out? XD

    Ah, I kid…

    But seriously, what’s happened to Fraser’s Ride? We’ve heard nothing about it for a long time.

  2. Wallross

    I would just like to express my thoughts on Fancy Pants.
    What I love about the first two worlds is that they’re so uncomplicated. In the first world the plot isn’t even there untill you fall down that hole and land on that penguin.

    The best part about World 2 is that there is a plot there and it serves a purpose; to explain. You play level zero and you think “Okay, a rabbit stole an icecream, wow, that is WEIRD” and under the instuctions of the mayor you jump in the golf hole.

    And this is where the beuty of it all is; you instantly forget about the wacky plot and find yourself lost in the amazing animation that Brad Borne has dedicated hours of blood sweat and tears into putting together, just for us. It is so smooth you can hardly tell that it is just a series of different drawings. If I was old enough to use PayPal I would donate alot to Brad, just to make him and his games feel appreciated. I imagine that this is why I am writing this, really just to say, Brad Borne, you are my hero and that just saying I love your games doesn’t cut it!

    Brad, I hope your games become like Tetris, ported EVERYWHERE onto EVERYTHING so that ANYONE can share the joy that a only a stickman with spiky hair and fancy pants can bring.

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