Angry BirdDragonThing Strikes Back

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Following his de-retirement for the World 1 Remix, Angry BirdDragonThing ego inflated to such heights that he now stars in his own spinoff, Flappy Angry BirdDragonThing (which has been deemed the World’s Most Original Game™ by highly prestigious ADADC).

So go, Angry BirdDragonThing, and Flap! Flap like only pretty much every other bird ever has Flapped before!

And if you set enough high scores, he just might grant us the favor of his presence in World 4!

On a more serious note (boring!), I’ve been putting some time into the site, as you can probably tell. Seemed like a good time to get some older (and flappier) games on the site. I’ve gotten quite a few questions about where to play Mirror’s Edge 2D nowadays, so now the full version is playable here to keep things simple. All the games are being moved over to a way faster server, so loading them up should be WAY quicker before. Remix I believe is the only one left, but that’ll be moved soon.

If you guys have any suggestions on what you’d like to see on the site (more older games, more high scores, more smaller games like FABDT, more videos), let me know.


  1. Roxy868

    😯 i havent finished playing the wolrd 1 remix so idk what the angry dird dragon thing is yet… but im gonna play the CR- imean POOP out of that spin off game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ❓ speaking of spin off games does cutie pants girl get her own game? if she does please dont make it sexist.. im ok with her being girly but if all of her abilities are centered about her being a girl…. :angerz: then im out of the fan base forever
    but if she has a game i cant wait to see it! btw kabootle is a awesome name :cat:

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