Introducing Nefarious!


Meet Crow, professional villain and star of the upcoming PC, Mac, and Wii U game: Nefarious.

You play as the bad guy and kidnap princesses, which is just as awesome as it sounds, and I’ll be doing animation and game design. I’ve been wanting to work with a team on a new game and focus on animation and design, instead of having to program the whole thing myself, but we need your help!


Check out the Kickstarter page, we have a great group of guys working on the game, we just need your support!


A preview of my animation combined Josh Hano’s artwork:


View high quality on YouTube

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep you updated!


  1. spencerator

    So crow is talking to a guy about life, and in response to something a guy said, he says “I know man I know! Getting a girlfriend is hard, every time I try to talk to a girl she runs away as if I had headlights!”

  2. Mitterick

    Great animation man! I always was in fond of good animations. From that old times when we did it on the corners of our notebooks in school, until today. Giphy is my 3rd most favorite website after Reddit and Deviantart. Can’t really donate to you now, I have some money problems now. However, I hope that you will be able to develop great game and fast enough. Because people tend to forget things fast, even when they did pledge couple backs. When you will have free time you can check out here what people are doing for money. Unlike you, because I believe you are living your dreams now. Keep up man!

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