(Am I late to the April Foolery?)


  1. Universal 22

    Hahahaha πŸ˜†

    But can you actually make a Fancy Pants Adventures game for Android? I’m waiting an eternity for it. πŸ˜€

    Oh, and

    Stay Fancy!

    Β  :woot:


      • Catoboy7

        you said something about the boss not getting stomped or kicked in response to that is there more than one boss or is that a surprise.
        also if you’d have to give fancy pants 4 a 1 to 100 on how close you are to being done what number would that be because me and my friend check on this every day with out a clue when it will be released. :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat:

        • Brad

          With how many levels there are…


          Game’s beatable, mostly missing some level art (have some help here this time though). Mostly waiting on some business side stuff to go through, I’ll give an update once I can say more.

          • Catoboy7

            Thank you. You know I have been playing fancy pants since I was I think 4. Now im 16 and your my hero. thanks to you im working on my own video game in game maker studio. currently im like 5 percent threw being done because I suck at code and my computer lags alote of my levels but when I get my computer back and release my game in like 3 years ill let you have a free copy. unless I make it free wich in that case Ill send you the link. bye and thank you. :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :fpm: :fpm: :fpm: :fpm: :fpm: :pants: :pants: :pants: :pants: :pants: :pants: :pants: :fpm: :fpm: ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

    • Brad

      Coming soon, tons of levels, been going through a big push lately to get art for all of them (got a few artists helping out), plus some behind the scenes dealings that should be sorted soon. Hang in there! I know we’ve been even more silent than usual, but man, I’m excited about this one :woot:

      • Fancypantsmaster1

        Don’t worry, passed time making FancyBox Levels πŸ˜›
        Now I wonder how many levels you have in World 4.
        Looking through older blog posts, involving both the Remix (broken for registered users right now) and World 4, I saw you said that Level 1 of the AS3 Preview was the first level of World 4.
        But according to new-ish posts, it would be a redone Squiggleville, right?
        Stay Fancy, and good luck!

        • Brad

          Yeah, I just recently found out that shut down, so dealing with keys is going to be a bit more trouble, but I’ll figure something out…

          Hm, so the preview level even in W4 anymore. I think I went to break it up into smaller levels and ended up with new levels. Actually, those challenges aren’t even in there either, just sort of made everything from scratch when trying to make the learning curve and feature introduction as smooth as possible. The engine’s even been moved over to Starling and AIR since the Remix, but it would be fun to update everything in the Remix and just have any levels that didn’t make it in W4 playable. There’s been so many tiny changes to the game since the Remix that I forgot how much better everything was until I tried the Remix out again.

          As far as Squiggleville goes, ‘redone’ would be a vast understatement, without giving too much away…

          Just way too much going on behind the scenes, good and bad, with the game and personally, this game is stressing me to death while still being even more exciting than when I started, somehow. Might have good news soon, should allow me to take a breath and get some sleep and be able to actually talk about what’s going on again.

          Oh, levels, without exaggeration, pretty sure there’s more than in all games I’ve ever made previously combined. It’s in the very least. there’s over twice as many main levels as in W1, 2, and 3 (console) together. Oh god why have I done this to myself 😯 Hopefully it’ll all be worth it watching players trying to beat challenges on YouTube :angerz:

          One more to throw out there that I realized recently: no boss gets stomped or kicked in World 4. Strange, huh? :cat:

          • Fancypantsmaster1

            So Parse is why we can’t play the Remix and W4 Mini-Preview? Huh.

            You’re saying you went and played the Remix after 2 years of working on World 4. (Yes, you disappeared April 2015, so much has happened since then, and I love it) You can mess with the Remix if you want, it’s been quite lonely, and I think I’ve mastered a lot in the Remix.
            And, would there have been any scrapped levels in World 2 & World 3? (Not counting that level where you tested Pirates and Flying Spiders in the W3 Reports)

            So just a somewhat modified Squiggleville? Or no?

            You know you can take a break from World 4 if you want. It is your game πŸ˜‰

            Brad, I can’t even count how many were in FPA Consoles, unless I take World 3 and throw Rolling Bayou (That’s what it was, right?), maybe more, but I haven’t played FPA Consoles for a long time due to having an Xbox One. That might be somewhere over 30 levels, that’s a lot!

            Boss hint!!! Would it be somewhat like the Angry Rabbit or Rainbowbeard? Sorry if I’m asking too much on the boss, unless there’s more than one, muhahaha.

            • Brad

              Right, it goes to check for the save files online and just errors out.

              I’d need to update the Remix to use Starling, so it would be a pretty big overhaul. I’d like to think that I didn’t break anything while working on W4, but stuff happens. It would be running in 1080p60 in full screen, though, so it would be a pretty big step up. Would include all the new animations and attack moves, which are pretty drastically different.

              Most of the scrapped levels were made after W3, when I was pitching the game to publishers. When I was working on the Fancy Box, there were things like switches that controlled moving platforms that made the levels much more challenging. Wouldn’t work in the W4 engine, is it in the Fancy Box…? I’m not really sure…

              There’s a few more that I made while working on the W4 engine to test certain things out, there’s a few more that were included in the Remix, if I have the time to update everything, I’ll probably add those into the Remix. The W4 Report 1, Challenge Run level is one of them, there’s a few more that I made to tighten up the controls enough to even support levels like that. I like the challenge levels in W4 much more, they’re more focused on particular skills, and the difficulty comes more from understanding how the physics work than from being able to just do a long run flawlessly. I think that separates W4 a good deal from N++ or Super Meat Boy, kinda puzzle-y? I dunno, I love watching people trying to figure out a challenge.

              W3 console has 12 levels… doesn’t it? (And substantially over 30 levels, though they’re a bit smaller, which you can see in Report 2)

              Nope, completely different! That’s what I meant by no stomping bosses.

              • Fancypantsmaster1

                So you’re saying that Starling also stores save data/keys? Because I don’t want to lose my key to Parse. Also, saying that all pencil stuff from W4 being in the Remix, would that mean I could Pencil Stomp every baddie in the Remix? That would be awesome!

                The buttons? Yeah, they’re in the Fancy Box, look at Marcelo’s level, that should explain everything. Those scrapped levels would be AS2, not AS3? Unless the scrapped levels were made during the development of the World 1 Remix (Which I was not part of πŸ™ ).

                So an unreleased new version of the Remix? (Like with newish stuffs?) If you really like watching people figure out a challenge, I will totally record myself doing World 4 the whole way through. (If World 4 is split into different level SWFs, I would need a zip file of World 4’s levels, not saying that I want W4 now. I’m waiting (by your 96% completion, I screamed for a moment seeing these comments.))

                You’re saying that World 4 has a little over 30 MAIN levels, or FPA Console has 30+ Levels (including Bonus and Challenge)?

                Okay! And you keep saying “No boss in World 4…” and “That’s what I meant by no stomping bosses”. Are you hinting more than one boss?

  2. 15MinuteGamer

    GO BRAD GO BRAD YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!(oh yeah i don’t wanna push you but in the world 3 posts you mentioned Cutie Pants being playable i wonder if she’s gonna be playable with Kaboodle :cat: Grapple Cat)SO STAY FANCY BRAD!(i know you can do it)

    • Brad

      Man I wish, I had to rewrite the engine from scratch for this game, so I just focused on polishing up the very core of FPA. I’d love to give her a spin off game or something…

      • 15MinuteGamer

        It’s ok if shes not playable maybe World 5? hope you are planning world 5 after world 4! im planning doing world 3 again with Sonic music on youtube sounds fine right?

  3. Marcelo1999

    Brad, as I noticed you’ve been responding to the comments in this post, I’ve decided to ask you a few things. Have you noticed that there are currently only two people in the chatting forum? Have you noticed that these people are creating levels based on Facy_Box_Package? I hope I will not be ignored this time.

    • Brad

      Yeah, we’ve been neglecting the site and the forum, just man, most of my energy has been going to the game for some time now. I’m hoping that will let up soon as we get things figured out as we approach launch. Would be nice to have some downtime there to reconnect with everyone. I really need to check any Fancy Box levels out, that’s pretty amazing if those are still being made!

      • Fancypantsmaster1

        Hey, I’m taking levels from FPA and throwing them into the Fancy Box! It’s actually pretty cool on how the levels work in a World 3-ish style. Since I’m in World 2 in the Fancy Box (Gonna do Level 5 in a moment), I’m seeing if I can get 6 people to do a bonus level (1 per bonus) and draw their own foreground and three different backgrounds, in which a friend of mine picked the 4th Bonus Level.

      • Marcelo1999

        I understand that you had to focus a lot on the creation of World 4, and still have to focus. I’m glad you answered more comments than you normally reply in your posts. πŸ™‚
        If you want to check the progress of the levels being produced by me and FPMaster just access the topic “The (possibly) Official Fancy Box Level Thread” in your Forum and observe the posts that have links.

        Note: I’m doing a single large and original level, inspired by a biome of my land. FPMaster is already redoing several levels.

  4. zgmeister

    brad you said 30 levels + but im assuming they will be the length of the beach lvl from w3 or smaller? why remake squigleville? was it a story thing or did you not like old squigleville enough?

    you know it wouldnt be a bad idea to ask the people on the forums for help once in a while i bet some could do it. i cant tho πŸ™ i honestly think over half of us would be willing to help you.

  5. Vlad Hs

    ha-ha. (Already did World 3 30 times, going up to 69 if World 4 isn’t going to be released soon :angerz: #triggered that the Remix still has bugs 😯 )

    • Fancypantsmaster1

      Oh, don’t worry, Vlad HS. I played World 3 way too many times.
      Remix bugs should be fixed once Brad gets the Remix working again (If you haven’t noticed, we cannot access the Remix due to Parse shutting down, and can only be played as a guest.)

    • Fancypantsmaster1

      It has probably been stated that there probably won’t be released on Steam many times. I don’t exactly know why FPA would be on Steam when it’s here, on BorneGames, and on other sites, like Kongregate.
      BUT, I am ready for an Android version of FPA. If they can do iOS, they can do Android πŸ˜‰

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