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Nope, not dead.

I think that title about sums it up… Funny how I choose to make a blog style site and never actually update the blog posts on it. Funny, too, because I have a tendency to rant about anything related to video games and the industry. I suppose I should try and actually make blog posts from now on…

First off, soon I’m going to work on those guides for the game. Sure World 2’s been out for a bit now, but I’m still getting emails asking where trophies are and how to unlock colors. For those who already have everything, I’ll try and throw in a bit of commentary for the fun of it, so who knows, the videos might still be worth watching.

Also in the pipeline, I’m working on a few games at once again now that World 2 is out, and I’d like to update you guys on the progress of my games. Nothing that’s as large as World 2, but a few things that I’ve definitely excited about. Specifically, I’m working with a new style, and I’d definitely like to get some feedback on it.

Now that that’s out of the way… Smash Bros. Brawl, eh? Can’t wait. Going to be epic win, period. Haven’t really been playing Wii much lately, but I know that that’s going to change come next month. Lately, though, I’ve been playing MotoStorm and StarDust HD. Haven’t really been using the ps3 much after buying it for Uncharted, but it’s been getting some more use now that I’ve downloaded StarDust. The system itself, though, ugh, it’s awful. The controller is still terrible (seriously, Sony, everyone uses the analog stick now, put it where my thumb goes, like all the other controllers!), no rumble FTL, and the only game I used the tilt with was MotoStorm, since it’s more fun like that, but the joystick is more accurate, especially with lighter vehicles. Oh yeah, and something that I didn’t know until I bought the system: you have to install demos after downloading them. Installing is one of the reasons I’m not really fond of gaming on my computer. The 360 doesn’t do it, so why does the ps3? Oh yeah, and the menu is pretty bad, too.

So yeah, the ps3 is pretty terrible, doesn’t do anything the 360 can’t, and I vastly prefer the 360 controller, so that’s the system I’d buy any multiplatform games on.

Let’s see, what else… Got a lot of plans for the future, hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more fun stuff soon, like about those shirts and what’s going on with future Fancy Pants Adventures (though I still say I could use the Wii remote better than any developer has yet 😉 ).

Oh yeah, I also want to post how you guys can play my games with different controllers (Wii remote, Classic Controller, 360 controller, USB gamepad). FPA is definitely much more fun like that, and that’s how I do extended testing sessions. Anyone interested in playing World 2 on your computer with a Wii Classic Controller?

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