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  1. Deston Henderson

    hey my name is Deston and i just to say your awesome. When I was a kid all I ever did was play internet games all day. Instead of focusing on school and yours was a very special one to me and still holds that special place in my heart. I beat your games so many times and i loved every single moment. One day when i saw you made it on console i just knew i had to buy it. Ten years later i see it and decided to play it and i still love it. If nothing else you inspire me. Right now i want to make a living writing stories and i hope that i can put as much heart as you do in making your games. Keep doing what you do and never give up

  2. sictwist99

    Um yeah I wasted 100 dollars on a extra fancy key so I’m still waiting for it to work……. ITS BEEN 2 FREAKING YEARS AND IM STILL WAITING TO RECIEVE MY KEY AND ITS STILL ISNT WORKING

  3. Cole McCarthy

    I want to play the Fancy Pants games on this site, and I also want to be able to buy a Fancy Key, but I can’t access the game when I’m logged into the site. I first encountered this problem in February. How do I fix this problem?

  4. alantalan

    :pants: Are you planning to update “super fancy pants adventures”?, as new weapons? and multiplayer adventure mode? or “steamwork” for maps?

  5. Knightfury

    Can anyone please help me. I once played the game and earned a coupon code. I was redirected to the website from there. Unfortunately I forgot the website and can’t find it. Please give me the link to the website where fancy pants products such as key holders etc.. are sold there. Thank you.

    • Djlee Judson

      Hey I was wondering if it be possible to release super fancy pants adventures on ps4 just like the fancy pants adventures on ps3 back in 2011 i think that would be great and people would really enjoy it playing on the consoles for those who don’t have a pc or just prefer to play it on console

  6. Jubal Noel

    I really enjoy your games. Do you think it might be possible nintendo would allow you to put fancy pants on the switch? Or better yet, in smash?(we do need a browser game rep)

    • Brad

      Of course they’d let us put SFPA on Switch, haha.

      As for Smash, I could beg and beg but I’m going to guess they won’t *shakes fist at shovel knight*

  7. buddybox3

    There seems to be an error with the World 1 Remix. I can’t enter the credits or extras door, (yes, i do have a fancy key), and finishing a time trial results in a bunch of code.

    • buddybox3

      I get this code from entering the doors,

      TypeError: Error #1009
      at Main$/addCacheBacks() at Main/countCacheSteps()
      at Main/loadLevel()
      at Main/onLevelLoadComplete()

      and this from finishing a time trial (not to mention in the time trials, it freezes up with the code instead of white-screening).

      ReferenceError: Error #1065
      at Sounds$/playDirect()
      at Sounds$/fadeOutMusic()
      at Main$/leaveArcade()
      at Main/waitAfterRaceTimer()
      at Main/MainEnterFrame60()

      • buddybox3

        Also, going into level select and going back out just brings me back into level select again, meaning i can’t exit level select without going into a level.

  8. gascon

    when will it come out super fancy pants adventure 2? since in the end of the super fancy pants adventure it ends with a continuara or sime could say the year in which it will leave please and followed its games from the fancy pant 1

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