Database stuff

First step to trying to clean up this site in anticipation for World 3 is to get the stupid forum and WordPress database thing working properly. Apparently the forum was running off an older database that I don’t think I’m even intentionally hosting anymore. Switched everything over, but I had to pick between the two user lists. I went with the Forum list, so if you’ve been registered on the my blog for over a year, that name should still be there (and should have always worked with the blog and the forum), but if you’ve registered for the blog more recently, you’ll have to register again. Unless you’re also registered on the forums, then you should now be able to use that name on the blog also.

Cookies are saved between the two now, so if you’re logged into one, you’ll be logged into the other. Post subscriptions shouldn’t be affected, though (need to overhaul that email though, definitely).

So, if your blog account doesn’t work anymore, use your forum account, if you don’t have a forum account, you’ll have to make a new blog account (sorry).

Anyways, next Progress Report scheduled for this Friday (and hopefully every Friday after that). And no I still don’t know when World 3 is going to be released :P

Got some really neat new stuff for the next video though :D

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