GDC 10′

Gonna be heading up to GDC in San Francisco soon. Don’t know if that means I’ll be posting more or less for the week, heh. I’ll try and keep you guys updated if anything interesting happens. If anyone here is awesome and going to be there, let me know!


  1. jesus_minime

    MAN, i’m in calafornia right now, its seems like your almost following me or something! =P i’ll be in colorado in a bit, maybe i’ll run into you somewere in these western states!

  2. fuzzbinn

    So – not sure where to post this, but it seems that the FPA2 link on armor games seems to be down. Just FYI, not sure if you can do anything about it or if it’s just my computer that’s screwed up, but thought you might want to know…

  3. FairlyObvious

    I’m obsessive =(

    and GDC was awesome, I’m going to try to post on that today if Brad doesn’t beat me to posting about something else . . .
    We have issues with that sometimes . . . 😉

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