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Asking me how I make games

I’d just like to point out that the FAQs page already has answers about what software I use and my opinion on tutorials or giving out code to help would-be coders learn.

Putting World 2 on your site

If you want to contact me about hosting the game, no need! I want you to have the game, heck, you can have the game on your site without using a drop of your bandwidth. Just leech off of MochiAds’ hosting.

I’m not much with HTML, but here’s the embed code that Mochi gives me, if you have any problems using it, shoot me an email.

Just please, credit ‘Brad Borne’ on your web page.

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  • hey my name is Deston and i just to say your awesome. When I was a kid all I ever did was play internet games all day. Instead of focusing on school and yours was a very special one to me and still holds that special place in my heart. I beat your games so many times and i loved every single moment. One day when i saw you made it on console i just knew i had to buy it. Ten years later i see it and decided to play it and i still love it. If nothing else you inspire me. Right now i want to make a living writing stories and i hope that i can put as much heart as you do in making your games. Keep doing what you do and never give up

  • Hello!
    Please, I want to know, What program do you use to make fancy pants?
    How do they do that?

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