Yep, that’s right. World 2 will actually have some sort of story. Don’t worry, nothing too long, not much dialogue, I promise!

So that’s the mayor.  And he’s giving you some ice cream as a present. Yes, I based the entire plot of World 2 on the mayor of Squiggleville giving you some ice cream.

You’ll have to play the game to see why he gives you the ice cream and what happens once you take it from him, but I think it’s an awesome plot.  Sure beats saving a princess, no?


  1. zymn

    hey dannieman.that’s how i found this blog.i clicked on the top 10 and i was pretty sure FPM 2 was going to be on it.turns out it’s #1.i also like Phosphor.

    anyways, interesting storyline…
    but why is the mayor a guy and not a stick? but…it’s your decision. i’d like to request an idea for the game. is that allowed? anyways, i think that if you had some type of 3d element in the game, it would be cool. maybe like a level where you get to walk around in 3d environment, like Super Paper Mario. 😛

  2. Brad

    The Mayor’s not a stick figure because the whole ‘world’ of characters is doodles, not necessarily stick figures. As for 3d… uh… it takes a lot to get Flash to do 3d… faking it, maybe, but that’s not something I’d want to do just yet.

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