Here’s another quick progress report. I’m currently working on the ‘menu’ system for the game, which, once again, is just a series of rooms, no pointing and clicking in my game thank you very much.

So this time around, I have about twice as many main levels. Not only that, but the cameo levels are turning out so awesome (and some of them rather large) that I want them all selectable from the Level Select room. So World 2 will have a system of doors for a menu that isn’t as simple as the one screen rooms from World 1.

Setting up all the doors that will be unlockable made me worry about something, though. With the game being so much longer than the last one (though I’m sure you can still run straight through fairly quickly if you skip the bonus rooms…), will that be a problem for people who play the game on public computers that can’t save their progress? I’m making sure that the game will be fun even if you only drop in for a few minutes into a clean game with nothing unlocked, but I still want to have enough there that players want to spend more time with the game will have a sense of progression, completion, and even be rewarded for exploration. This is pretty much a problem inherent with Flash games, and probably part of the reason that they’re usually quick fix games.

I’d like to imagine that World 2 is accessible enough to give a player a quick gaming fix, yet has enough substance to reward any time investment (not saying it’s anywhere near as long as a commercial game, though)…

Any thoughts?


  1. zymn

    that’s a good idea. though the most time on a public comp around where i live is 30 minutes. which was about as long it takes me to get through world 1 when i’m not dashing through… but world 2 will be longer…

    yeah, i did like the menu system. it’s also sort of a tutorial on movements.

  2. Romora

    me and my friends all have regular computers so we can play it like that and we have computer club at school for 2 hours every Monday so…. (WE AIN’T NERDS!)

  3. DrNeroCF

    As cool as that would be, the problem is that the FPA engine doesn’t run on Math, saved levels are drawn shapes and curves under the clips that you see, not bunches of numbers that can be saved and shared. I’ve definitely thought about how I could make a customizable level engine that could work inside of FPA, but IF I ever do something like that, it wiuldnmost likely end up as a standalone release. The game I work on after World 2, though, will definitely have customizable levels, though its not an FPA game, and still quite secret…

  4. zymn

    dang. i hate secrets. oh yeah, if you try pming me on newgrounds, i won’t receive anything. my account is locked and i dunno what my password is. but, hey. a seperate engine would be cool, as long as it’s a game engine. and…i really need a good platform tut right now. i want to make a game, but nothing i find is good. you know, scrolling, jumping, physics, running…

  5. x

    Instead of creating a level editor, you could simply tell people how to design their levels in Flash … and then submit the levels to you.

    All you have to do is to publish a sample level, with source code. And let the contributions begin.

  6. DrNeroCF

    Well, I’ lve yet to find an easy way to load movie clips into the game so that it can actually hitTest them as part of the engine. Until I do that, the level creators won’t have an easy way to test their their levels. For the cameo levels, I have artists make a rough sketch of the level they want to make, then I build a skeleton around that, fixing things like jump distances, then they go back and draw on top of that. I did let an artist create his own level clips once, but it made the engine bug out. Honestly, there’s just a ton of limitations to the engine, or not enough limitations to the levels you’re able to build, which sounds like aweso e PR spin 😀

  7. DrNeroCF

    I would settle for extremely creative and/or beautiful artwork. Just please don’t be dissapointed if I turn you down, I already have more artists than I should…

    Ya know what? The thing about the GTA games that’s always bothered me is that they think they have to be so realistic. Bah! Being a super hero in an open world is a step in the right direction, but seriously, why stop there? I wouldn’t expect my character to be all powerful or anything, but why can’t I steal a broom from a witch (the old nasty kind, none of that Harry Potter bull), or send an insulting signal into outer space and cause aliens to. Attack the earth. Serious, reality is far to limiting for me to ever want to make a game based on it!

  8. Romora

    lol you could just take a portion of what happened after the first demo…. MAKE AWESOME POWERUPS!!!!!!!!! im hyper cause im gonna see transformers and rush hour 3 today

  9. UFO boy

    Yeah, here is a thought: “You are awesome.”

    … eh… not my best thought… Wait! another thought: “There is a fire burning in the distance…”

    That one didn’t even make sense…

    Last thought for you: “You are very good at this, I personally think Nintendo or some gaming company should hire you and get these games on console. From what i see, they should hire you, NAY, they MUST hire you.

  10. DrNeroCF

    Well, I have a good amount of connections out there, but for the time being, I’d rather finish World 2, as I think it’s far closer to what I’d be capable of with an actual budget and team. Once that’s out, I can promise all of you that I’ll be pushing to get my games to consoles, the WiiWare download service being the most likely, then xbox live arcade…

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