Under Construction

Alright guys, if someone actually managed to stumble onto my page while I’m setting this up, pretend that this is an ‘under construction’ page.


  1. 2DArray

    Instead, I think I’ll pretend that it’s my own page, and that you’re just borrowing it for a bit. Speaking of which, I’m gonna need it back now.

  2. zymn

    hey man. cool site. anyways, i’d just like to say that you are doind a great job on Fancy Pants. I really like the game and demo. you really know how to program physics. anyways, bye.

  3. Dannieman

    cool stuff!!! fancy pants was one of those games i didn’t know why I loved so much, but FP2 looks like pure awesomeness. good luck with bugs and getting other artists in.

    7th post!!!

  4. zymn

    Hey, get this. I played the FP2 demo again, and at the beggining i just stood there and watched all rest movements. It looks like you really worked hard on that. It was cool. Takes be back to those retro days.

  5. zymn

    no problem.i have a lot of respect for what you’re doing. you deserve to be complimented. do you know of a tutorial that teaches you how to program physics and stuff like the ones in your game? i really need to figure that stuff out, because it seems like the secret for a good game.

  6. davismouse

    Okay jackhall you can be in my club! :mrgreen:
    you’re probably not even coming back to this post though. 🙁
    I’ll come as often as I can if you will! 😉

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