Fancy Pants Public Release

This may be a little late, but I’d figure I should post it anyway. FPA is now released on Newgrounds and Kongregate, among others. I’d like to pretend that I released World 2 on Kongregate in respose to World 1 being knocked off the top 3 on the front page, haha.



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  1. TehFancyPantser

    If you want me to upload more links to my fave flash games ill be happy to, actually, ill upload sum rite rite after this comment…

  2. TehFancyPantser

    Give me a rating of what you think of each game I chose for yalls (1-5)

    (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)

    TehFancyPanster, signing off… (should be back on tommorrow)

  3. TehFancyPantser

    oh wait, before I log off, I’d really like Brad to look at the games I posted, if sum one could tell him and ask him to rate, i would really appreciate it, signing off…(fer reelz now)

  4. TehFancyPantser

    @nadeinsnone: I dont know why, ask Brad, but my strategy is wait for all the spiders to come down first then get then with a one-jump kill (hold S while on them).

  5. Peeves

    @educkface– Yeah, your right, I was in a rush lol. But yeah Brad made Mr.Fancy And I just added the letters 😛 lol. But the other stuff was made by me.

  6. TehFancyPantser

    @FairlyObvious: I see what your saying, just WJUK said he liked the flash game about the crazy guitar man, so i posted a few of my favorite games. I shouldnt be posting anymore, but if sumone asks…who am I to say no? Im not the one to displease 🙂

  7. TehFancyPantser

    btw, i ment to say in my previous post with the games, send me a game link and ill give you a rating of what i think of it (sry FairlyObvious, this is it though). Ill give it a rating of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest.

  8. TehFancyPantser

    (sry about caps(again)) IM CHANGING MY PUBLIC NAME TO TehFPser, EVERYONE GOT THAT? okay. (thats the last of the caps)(sry again)

  9. educkface

    Mudkip – the mud fish pokemon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its head fin to determine whats going on around it. In a pinch, it can brandish enough power to crush rocks.

    hope that sums it up enough for ya :p

  10. WJUK

    Pokemon are cool… Here is some more info on mudkip:

    Number: 258 Type: Water Evolves from: None Evolves into: Marshtomp

    Mudkip (ミズゴロウ, Mizugorou?) is a blue-and-orange, four-legged, axolotl-like amphibian. It is one of the three starter Pokémon in Hoenn . The fin on Mudkip’s head acts as a highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, Mudkip can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes. When in water, Mudkip breathes using the gills on its cheeks. On land, it can powerfully lift large boulders by planting its four feet and heaving. It sleeps by burying itself in soil at the water’s edge. Its large tail fin propels it through water with powerful acceleration. If it is faced with a tight situation in battle, Mudkip will become strong enough to crush rocks bigger than itself.

    In the anime, Brock obtains a Mudkip at Dewford Island, which later evolves into a Marshtomp.

    Is that enough? XD

  11. As11

    Brad, if you’re reading this, I sincerely ask you to make World 3 a lot more difficult than even this one. Heck, make it as hard as Rayman 1, just without the unfair life system. With greater polish comes greater difficulty.

  12. ENBE

    World 2 is a whole lot better than World 1 but I would have liked to see the
    Evil mouse with his gun carried over to World 2 he’s just so great in his Mario Trousers!

  13. Gasstation

    brad you should pick 3 bosses.

    say a couple words about the bosses.

    let us vote on the one we want to see in “3”.

    you dont have to tell us who won the election but it could be cool to see what kind of bosses you can come up with.

    i will buy your shirts if you do this.

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