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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve started updating the website for the open release of World 2, which is this Thursday. I’m trying to set this site up as much like a real site as possible, so there’s the sections to the right right, right there, and, ah, fun, some ads.

So, what do you guys want to see? Some questions you want answered in a faqs would be nice, general, or for a specific game. Anything you want to see in the ‘about me’ in particular?

Anything else I should add to the site?


  1. ted5610

    how about ideas for w3 in the fpa? like new fp, fp with powers eg. flying pants underwater pants and erm digging pants? maybey? who knows.
    a page for stuff like tht

  2. Tree

    Was World 2 programmed in AS2 or AS3?
    What are your plans for the future?
    Is Fancy Pants Man’s wardrobe a reflection of your own?
    How would you rank the mathematical complexity of your Fancy Pants Adventure games? World 1? World 2?
    Are you looking for ideas for future games?
    Would you be interested in collaborating with an artist?

    About Me || FAQs:
    How did you get into game development?
    What is your educational background?
    What do you do other than game development?

  3. ryanrab1

    Yeah brad, he kept on working
    He jumped a few times went back up spiders came out
    but no snail and the snail just stayed there
    so everything worked just fine except for the snail

  4. FairlyObvious

    How much would you say you love your girlfriend?
    How important is your girlfriend to you?
    How amazing is your girlfriend?

    I’ll come up with a few more questions, I’m just getting started =P


  5. TommyLM

    if there really are bots invading you need to add a security thing to your registration, one of those ‘type in the numbers you see in this jpg with lots of lines and shapes all over it’ things… i’m sure there are easy-to-add wordpress plugins for that

  6. styxtwo

    hye i found a funny bug:

    i was playing the game and i went thought the door betwwen level 4 and 5, then i decided i wanted to try level 4 backward (big jump down very funny, haha). then i went thought the downstairs door in level 4 and i ended up in level 5 again 😛 . you might want to fix that ^^

  7. gbuch

    New bug..

    Level 4, right above the hole, there’s a surface covered with oil.

    Get the snailshell to the oil, and stand at it’s left.

    Now walk towards the snailshell, so that it will go to the right and fall from the surface (but you don’t have to hit it too hard).

    The shell will transport itself to the far right wall.

    It worked 3 out of 5 times…

  8. WJUK

    I’m sure the easiest and most efficient way to make your header clickable is using simple html. I haven’t used HTML in a while, so can’t really help you in that department.

    But I’m sure a quick Google search will be sufficient.

  9. Zerris

    Useful things I can think of…

    1) A list of all the possible “moves” and the key combinations/situations for each. Examples including Roll, Slide without a head start (Jump + Down), the Angled Wall Jump, Boosted Jump off a monster, Etc.

    2) A desciption/list of all the “things” in the game. Swirls, Monsters, Mud Slides, Snail Shell, etc.

    3) A Suggestions place in case anybody feels like suggesting game ideas or plot lines.

    4) A list of site members.

    And, while I’m talking, I’ll mention a few bugs I found that were slightly annoying me in an otherwise wonderful game:

    1) The number of swirls collected often seems to drop a numeral. I believe this only happens over 99 Swirls, and occasionally fixes itself.

    That is 1036 Swirls, but the 0 seems to have vanished. I also got 11_5 Swirls.

    2) The shell often seems to roll through platforms that should be solid. Most noticeable on level 6, but it happens on almost all of them in certain areas. It follows a path similar to the one I’ve drawn here, going straight through the lower platform.

    I’m not sure, but I think this may only happen when the shell is moving at a moderate to fast speed and is not actually in the screen of view.

    Also, since I finished the game with 1326 Swirls and I know I missed a few, I just have to ask… did you actually put in 1337 Swirls? It’s awfully close.


  10. Gasstation

    Hey Brad,

    I think you should get some sort of faded FPA logo going on in the background, This all white page is ‘blugh, Also show off some of your skills, FPA Short vid’s. The number one turn off for a website is having sections “under construction” take those buttons away untill the contents are there. My true feeling is you should have more than one popular game under your belt because I think you can pump out more games, better games, and games with more depth. I’m not taking anything away from FPA by all means it is a good game, You spent a lot of time on it and it shows, I think would just like to see more from you and your team.


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