The colors!

Okay, so a few things had to be left out of the initial release of World 2, but there is one feature that made it in that I thought you guys especially would enjoy.

On every level, there is a snail, and somewhere else on that level is a golfball hole. Sink the shell, your pants turn the same color as the flag at the hole. Surprise surprise, the hole in level 3 is based on the little challenge that this site created while playing the beta!

Post screens of Fancy Pants Man sporting different shades of fancy! How many can you earn? Who can get all 6 first?

On a sidenote, the Fancy Golfball challenge was created in direct respose to anyone who said that World 1 was too easy 😛

And guys, please, no spamming up this thread like the others…

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  1. slayerman

    yeah, alas another bug, in the very beginning right after the mayor tells you to follow him. jump to the left edge of the screen from in the air and you continue to look like your falling!!! forever unless you move…

  2. marco082

    just noticed a new bug

    in the transition area between level two and level three (the place with the green platforms and alot of slippery slopes.) If you slide fast enough on the last slide, it will throw you higher than the green wall and you hit an invisible wall. I think you need to extend the green wall a little higher.

  3. WJUK

    Has it? I recall pushing space a few times and nothing happening…

    Oh right, you can only do it when FP is not moving and idle. Should have known… ¬¬

  4. linkfreak18

    hey guys, i was just running through the game, and i came up with this little challange. how long can you go in world 2 using only the backflip jump(hit the opposite way you are facing and jump). ive done all of levels 1-3, try it out 😉

  5. Squall

    This game is awesome. Love the different color pants.(Brad you are right,THEY ARE HARD AS CRAP TO GET!!!)

    I have noticed a few Glitches and I Thought,WHO GIVES A DAMN!!

    Brad,Jenna,The game is awesome,everyone seems to be so distracted by the glitches,they can’t just enjoy the game’s good things.

  6. Squall


    I think that FPA 3 should have a new playable character,I’ll leave it up to Brad to come up with the Person who will assist Fancy Pants Man in his adventures.

    Someone like another clothing item with a catchy name to it

  7. WJUK

    @Squall: Fancy shirt? Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Maybe a sidekick called ‘Pantsboy’! ROFL.

    Oh and I think FPA2 is just the right difficulty. You don’t want an obscenely hard flash game, as you’d just stop playing.

  8. Squall

    @WJUK:yeah your right, I just don’t understand why people want to complain just to get their names in the credits. Brads got enough to deal with.

  9. Zerris

    That’s WAY easier then my method… :p

    I actually hit it up at the top of that green hill in the middle, jumped up and hit it again while on the flat platform above and to the right, and then back flip kicked it onto the inky black platform above. Then I cannon shot to the inky platform, jumped up mid slide, then slide kicked it up to the higher walkway with the spider. I’m still proud of my way, though it takes a LOT more effort >.<

  10. WJUK

    I basically do what Slicer does except but I jump onto the shell normally from the first platform so it gets onto the slippery one. Then jump on it again to get it up.

  11. lilRast

    Games is fantastic….so happy that manage to score all colour and trophies….and yeah level 3 colour is the hardest to get and for trophy its definitely the afro ninja trophy

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