Nope, not dead.

I think that title about sums it up… Funny how I choose to make a blog style site and never actually update the blog posts on it. Funny, too, because I have a tendency to rant about anything related to video games and the industry. I suppose I should try and actually make blog posts from now on…

First off, soon I’m going to work on those guides for the game. Sure World 2’s been out for a bit now, but I’m still getting emails asking where trophies are and how to unlock colors. For those who already have everything, I’ll try and throw in a bit of commentary for the fun of it, so who knows, the videos might still be worth watching.

Also in the pipeline, I’m working on a few games at once again now that World 2 is out, and I’d like to update you guys on the progress of my games. Nothing that’s as large as World 2, but a few things that I’ve definitely excited about. Specifically, I’m working with a new style, and I’d definitely like to get some feedback on it.

Now that that’s out of the way… Smash Bros. Brawl, eh? Can’t wait. Going to be epic win, period. Haven’t really been playing Wii much lately, but I know that that’s going to change come next month. Lately, though, I’ve been playing MotoStorm and StarDust HD. Haven’t really been using the ps3 much after buying it for Uncharted, but it’s been getting some more use now that I’ve downloaded StarDust. The system itself, though, ugh, it’s awful. The controller is still terrible (seriously, Sony, everyone uses the analog stick now, put it where my thumb goes, like all the other controllers!), no rumble FTL, and the only game I used the tilt with was MotoStorm, since it’s more fun like that, but the joystick is more accurate, especially with lighter vehicles. Oh yeah, and something that I didn’t know until I bought the system: you have to install demos after downloading them. Installing is one of the reasons I’m not really fond of gaming on my computer. The 360 doesn’t do it, so why does the ps3? Oh yeah, and the menu is pretty bad, too.

So yeah, the ps3 is pretty terrible, doesn’t do anything the 360 can’t, and I vastly prefer the 360 controller, so that’s the system I’d buy any multiplatform games on.

Let’s see, what else… Got a lot of plans for the future, hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more fun stuff soon, like about those shirts and what’s going on with future Fancy Pants Adventures (though I still say I could use the Wii remote better than any developer has yet 😉 ).

Oh yeah, I also want to post how you guys can play my games with different controllers (Wii remote, Classic Controller, 360 controller, USB gamepad). FPA is definitely much more fun like that, and that’s how I do extended testing sessions. Anyone interested in playing World 2 on your computer with a Wii Classic Controller?

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  1. TehFPser

    (sry for consecutive comments) im a total and complete Zelda lover, i love the games and love the story line, i hav played all, yes evey last one of them, all the games (Twilight is on gamecube too :P) and cant get enuff of it. Well, anyway, because i love it so much, i went searching and found this… – a full, orchestrated version of zelda’s lullaby. enjoy 😀

  2. WJUK

    I agree with Brad, SSBB is going to be EPICLY AWESOME. I can’t wait.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be waiting for a long long while for it to reach Europe.

    The PS3 does suck, it’s taking away the reason why I prefer console gaming to PC gaming (no installation required). The recent fiasco with DMC4 and Lost Planet doesn’t help.

    And I’ll play it with a Classic controller! When I get one… I could just use the Wiimore sideways. You just need the d-pad and a jump button anyway.

  3. WJUK

    I need to get a 360. Soon.

    I think I’m going to get it when GTAIV or Rock Band hits Europe. Whichever is first.

    I guess the CC is more comfortable… or you could just use the Wiimote + Nunchuk combo for some sweet motion control action… Like swinging the golf club for fancy pants golf! XD

    @No money problems: Get with the 21st century, man. No one has grass anymore. XD

  4. WJUK

    Why yes I am!

    … Actually, not really. Technically we live in a town. But anywayz, grass isn’t so common anymore… If I look out the window now and ignore the large grassfield right outside and the park a few streets behind it; nope. No grass at all…


  5. DrNeroCF

    While I definitely prefer making games to cutting grass… sometimes you just need to make some money to buy good video games and get your fix, ya know? Haha.

    I’m curious, what’s the point of waiting for a European version nowadays? Can’t most TVs run in PAL or NSTC nowadays anyway?

  6. Rob

    Jesus Christ, Brad. Looking through the comments to see if you responded to my one in your last blog post is like trying to find the woman of your life combined with looking for a needle in a haystack seeing as it seems the comments section is used as more of a chatroom instead of commenting on your blog. Whatever turns them on, eh?

    But yeah, I look forward to your future projects. Especially FPA as I’m sure you knew. Did some pro-developer finally beat my procrastinating ass into making a deal with you? d:

  7. Rob

    Oh yes, and a double comment here but I look forward to going against you in a Wi-Fi battle of Brawl if where your located does not cause lag. Don’t disappoint moi, eh?

  8. WJUK

    Ah, quick-find my trusty friend. Sometimes it’s better just to use: “find”. 😀

    It is extremely hard to find comments here. Needs better organisation. It wouldn’t be that bad if Brad blogged rather regularly. Seeing as the comments would be spread out more evenly, and hence it would mean less to search through. But not posting for a while means a massive post build-up on the latest post consisting on theories of what happened to Brad etc.

    So, in the end, blame Brad. XD

  9. DrNeroCF

    Haha, yeah, Rob, you’d be better off emailing me if you want to actually talk to me, people definitely like holding conversations on my site 😛 And I’ve been talking to a few people, don’t know how much more I can say than that 😉 And there’s a lot of people who I must Brawl with online come March 8th. Which is good, because I’ll be wanting to play that game a whole lot.

    And I’ll start making more posts more often. Promise!

  10. WJUK

    Well, at least we get Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit in April, about a month before NA. Although SSBB is still a mystery.

    @Rob: I think it’s about time you left the house and went outside. Especially if you get a sick feeling when being around a computer.

  11. Rob

    Erm…Lady stick figure fetish much, no? Haha.

    Anyway, did you ever actually receive the e-mail I’m talking about, Brad? Maybe I have the wrong address. When I talked to you on AIM, you said to send ’em to [just so no bots have at my email address…] correct?

  12. WJUK

    Now, I’m just waiting for Duck to come out with some new characters.

    Fancy Pants Jr.? Ms. FP? Fancy Pants Elder? Fancy Pants clumsy, scaredy-cat (mainly green) brother?

    The possibilities are endless.


  13. TehFPser

    uuuuummmm… okay… im not getting into this one, but the idea of Fancy Pants Man having a GF is a good one for the next game.

  14. Nyubis

    If it doesn’t work, save it at your pc (its no virus, i can only make those in visual basic script) and right-click –> open with –> internet explorer

  15. UFOboy

    *raises from the ground*
    You aren’t dead? I was. Found some cool crap at the passing gate, the dimention between life and death.

    Including a glow stick that never stops glowing… it curses who ever holds it but… come on… eternal glow stick… i can deal with a curse or two.

    So… I agree with what you said about the PS3 and Xbox 360. And also, yes, playing fancy pants adventure with a control WOULD be awesome. And SSBB WILL be awesome… Oh, and because, you know, i missed the last comment, yes, i want FPA gear… a backpack would be awesome… in my opinion… which, in my opinion, is a good opinion.

    Good day, i’m going down for another dirt nap.

  16. Nyubis

    The Great DrNeroCF, Live Giver To Fpm And Nuclear Eagle, And Giant Famous Celebrity, said that it was not a bad animation!!!!!!!!!!! *shreds tears of happiness and proudness* Ohhh… you so made my day(evening) ! I totally cant believe that a true superhero, know and worshipped by thousands of people, actually gave a compliment to me!!!

    Yes, i did it with a mouse, but didnt use ink tool, used pencil instead (thickness 2). Hmmm… I should still work on his neck a bit…
    I’ll go do that 🙂

  17. Pittsburgh

    To TehFPser

    I’m Pittsburgh, better known as Jeremy , who sits across from you at RMS during lunch. Call me Pittsburgh from now. How do you get past the world with the cannon in it. It is very hard. Are you surprised I signed up for this?

  18. WJUK

    I’m uploading a video to YT now. Although my internet has been laggy all night and it’s having trouble uploading, I’ll probably post it here tomorrow.

  19. WJUK

    I hate YT… ¬¬

    I’ve been trying to upload for ages already… *sigh*

    It can’t be that hard to make a guide video… can it? Also, alternatively you can do a text guide. Since it’s not that hard to find out the method in which you can get the trophies and colours (although executing said method; especially for the colours; can be pretty hard).

    Just gimme a sec for the video. I’m going to leave my laptop on while I play on my Wii – probably GH3 if you’re curious.

  20. WJUK

    DrNero is a normal human being?! NEVER! I WILL NEVER ACCEPT IT!


    Wait… that sounds wrong.

    @Pittsburgh: First you got to get the snail shells into the holes with the poles next to them (easily recognisable because of the pants said poles). This was actually born out of something we did on this blog. XD

    Then to change your pants colour (unlike in the 1st one where you just press a key) you have to go back to the menu screen and go to Trophies And Colours. Then hit the colour you want.

  21. Nyubis

    I think i figured out hat WJUK’s face looks like:

    And why does no-one say anything about my latest submit?(oh yeah, part credit goes to flash mx samples;) )

    Btw, anyone an idea ’bout the dragons name?
    i was thinking of Draxo…

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