Behind the Fancy Pants

Alrighty, here’s one of those videos I’ve been talking about. I dig around on my hard drive for old files from FPA’s creation. Joining me is Paul Downs, original creator of the Penguin, who is mostly there so I wouldn’t just be talking to myself about how terrible all my old stuff is.

I had to cut a lot from this video, so who knows, maybe I’ll post some of that footage one day…

Next up, though, is a multi-part Q & A session with Fairly Obvious / my girlfriend Jenna, once I begin editing that, I can tell you guys which questions we’ll go through in the first part.

Also: yes, I will make the banner navigate the site through different doors, I was planning that all along, but I’m still catching up with a ton of work, so, I’ll do it eventually 😛


  1. WJUK

    That wouldn’t just be Epic. It would be [b]UBER-EPIC.[/b]

    *ahem* Anyway, awesome video! I enjoyed it! And hail to Paul Downs: The creator of Raguins! (Rage + Penguin) Well, technically just penguins until Brad got his hands on it.

    Great cake video btw.

    Videos on the internet ARE serious business. XD

  2. educkface

    the DO NOT ENTER door brings you to a sword in a stone and when you walk up it links you to armor games. Obviously, the game on armor games doesn’t need a link to the site, so it is only in the game on other websites. (Also, there is a little sign in the background at one point in the other versions that says armorgames)

  3. Rob

    @WJUK: What would be more uber-epic is if you and I got to write and direct it. Hell, I’d pay to see that in the theaters twice. Maybe even three.

  4. WJUK

    @VideoGuy: Yea I know about that. It’s just that I get used to the forum and start writing in BBcode. ¬¬

    @Rob: I think you mean “thrice”. But yea, I would watch that FOUR HUNDRED TIMES! XD But for normally people, I think it’ll just be the once…


  5. Rob

    Ah yes, thrice is the correct word. While it’s awesome it still can’t help but be a shame that it’ll be literally mind-blowing. Nobody would be alive to see the ultimately awesome sequel. *sniffle*

  6. VideoGuy

    *whispering to everyone except fairly obvious*

    Yes we will. As soon as we find out where is, WJUK and Mistercheef will lead the way and we will finally get our shirts!

  7. TheTrooper

    I wish I had a rofl copter…then I could rofl the hell outta all of ya’ll…DIBS ON THE FIRST SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be the guy that goes in first so ya’ll will know what your going up against like if you need to use your mighy powers or something……………….

  8. VideoGuy

    Yeah Fancy Pants soccer would be cool.
    How about a Fancy Pants golf game (like by itself, with a real golf course).
    Fancy Pants baseball…Fancy Pants tennis…Fancy Pants football…You could do anything with the snail.

    Dibs on the second shirt.

  9. TheTrooper

    Oh how about a contest to see who can kick the snail shel the farthest and the winner gets to meet Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be a kick ass 1st prize.

  10. WJUK

    Hm… ten bucks ain’t much so I guess that should be third price.

    The copy of the game will naturally be autographed by the man himself and with artwork!

  11. ted5610

    a) how does one go about vclaimin a shirt?

    , nd

    b) anyone no how i cud get hold of the sound track to fpa2? thtd be sweet, on cd.

    u cud make a goody bag! signed ts, signed copys of world one nd two, artwork nd a cd of the fpa soundtrack! thtd teh sweet-ness!!! 😀

  12. WJUK

    A) Claiming shirts is done like this:


    B) Your best bet is from Brad or TommyLM (I think that was the artist). You probably won’t be able to get it on CD though.

  13. double3

    first. i just found your game a couple days ago and i’m freakin’ addicted to it. i love simple, yet extremely fun games. you’ve done an incredible job with it. in fact, i love that it’s free … but i hope you get it big enough where it’s a lengthy game that you have to charge money for it one day. if so, i’ll definitely buy. i’ve told a number of friends about it and plan to blog about it soon. not that you need my help promoting your game or anything. anyways …

    you guys mentioned a game that you said was maybe the best game ever … next to FPA. i didn’t catch the name of that game. what is it? and where can i find it? thanks!

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