Time Trial

Just a heads up, I put a timer in World 1 on Kongregate for some new badges. Hit T while in game to display the stopwatch. If anyone really cares about it, I might go and add that to World 2…

Anyways: World 1 at Kongregate.com

As for shirts… still working on that… it’s a bit more difficult than uploading an image to cafe press, if you’re gonna do it right, heh. More videos should be coming soon, and that banner, yes I’m going to let you navigate with doors…

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  1. Nyubis

    Vista doesnt stink. Its way better and faster than you guys think.
    I can play every flash game on max quality without lag.

    Ok, maybe you can, cuz i dont know how macs are doing now.
    my grandma has an (old) one and it really SUCKS!!!!!!!! no internet, no cd-drive, only 2 games, and lots of lag.

    gotta admit, the air is really really thin.

  2. WJUK

    The MacBook Air is a laptop. I’m talking about the new OS for Macs.

    Er… being able to play flash games on max quality isn’t really dependant on your computer that much. Since flash games don’t take up that much CPU processing power. You only really need a sturdy, fast internet connection; but the good PC thing works as well.

    You said it yourself… old computer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sucks. The main thing I find annoying about Macs are:


    I really bugged me in the time when I use to do media at my old college (used Mac G5 or something back then). I would go furiously hit the mouse button a few times, thinking it just needs a bit more force… *sigh*

    The Air is super-thin. Maybe a little too thin. There was this guy who lost it because (he thinks anyway) that his wife threw it out into the trash with all his used paper. XD LOL

  3. SuitedCriminal

    hey hey.

    brad, one thing. I HATE THE TIMER >:(

    oh and i have vista, it rules. i hate macs as well so there.

    and i dont know if this has been mentioned before or anything, but downloads.

    are there any plans/already downloads available for fancy pants?
    cos i want an official fancy pants wallpaper or screensaver. OR! mouse cursor. damn that would look cool.

    also, avatars would be wicked. especially animated ones…hint hint

  4. VideoGuy

    @SuitedCriminal: What’s wrong with the timer?

    Yeah downloads would be cool, but you can’t do everything. Wallpaper would be nice, I don’t know about screen savers, though.

    I have Windows XP, and it works fine, so I can’t really comment on the Operating System debate.

  5. Nyubis

    @ Mistercheef:
    cool screensaver. but it doesnt works for windows, does it?

    congrats! but its not as good as the 3333th comment ,wich i had 😛

    I also can think of many ways to improve Vista, and of many ways to improve xp.

    @ Suitedcriminal:
    I agree. Vista rules

    Vista still FTW!!!!! (I shoud make this my sig or something…)

  6. QuickJump

    DX10, huh? It stinks. The only thing that even involves a little direct x 10 attention is Dvolver’s V2….

    Thats all that doesn’t stink. I use it all the time, on dvolver.com. You can see my videos on my site, http://www.invasionseries.wordpress.com

    PS3, my friend says its awesome . . . now I don’t have any friends. . . .

  7. WJUK

    I much prefer the Wii’s interface compared to the PS3, much more user-friendly.

    Although I like the awesome features that PSP to PS3 firmware has. You got stream videos and music to your PSP from anywhere in the world (as long as your PS3 is connected)! How awesome is that?!

  8. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, the 360 has a great interface for streaming media, especially coupled with Connect360 on a mac. But as for booting the thing up and playing the games you’ve downloaded, that takes what, 2 or 3 clicks on the Wii, while you actually have to search and let the thing find and load the list of your games…

    Congrats on the Time Trial, btw, hehe.

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