1.5 Update Beta 3

If I had a dollar for every time I rewrote the snail’s bounce code…

Either way, I have a good feeling about this one, the actual bouncing should be much more accurate (the shell should act more realistically), and I think I finally got everything stable this time around (crosses fingers).

I was having some problems with the platforms, so if you guys could play around with those, hit them from weird angles, at the very corners, and play around with getting the snailshell into the hole in level 2 (this should have fixed any problems there also…), that would be a HUGE help. I’m really hoping to finally get this out there tomorrow…

Beta 3

(Oh, and just to make sure, the Best Time scores are saving properly, right?)

Ah, and one more thing you guys can tell me, are your save files carried over when I update?


  1. Nyubis

    The shell seems really ok to me.
    And my save files were carried over.
    I seriously think that you work too hard, I mean lol, world 2 is released so long already, and you’re still fixing stuff.

    (and 1st comment 😛 )

  2. rawcru

    The update is running fine, no problems.
    Well it’s my birthday today and I’m sure i can say happy birthday me and congratulations Brad.
    FANCY me, FANCY you, FANCY us!!!

  3. j2

    Hey, I was playing through this and just got to level 4. Decided it was time for a change, so I hit Space, quit to menu, and put on a different color of pants. Went back into Level Select, and level 5 was accessible. WHAT IS THE DEAL

  4. DrNeroCF

    YoDoJo: None of the sites are updated with the best times just yet. When I send them around, Kongregate will keep track of your best times. For now, you can set a time on my site, but it won’t stay if you play it on a different site later.

    Nyubis: I agree, I work way to hard on silly little things like this. But on the bright side, if I’m polishing the engine this much post launch, I really have to choice but to make a World 3 to take advantage of the engine some more 😀

    rawcru: Happy Birthday!

    j2: No clue… had you gotten to Level 5 earlier?

    VideoGuy: That’s actually a bit of a glitch I thought looked like he was reloading, so I left it in. Maybe I can tweak it some.

  5. IQ52

    I only saw three things: 1. You brought the mice frome world1 to world 2
    2.The shell bounced and a slanted angle when it was a straight platform and the dust was slanted too.
    3.the shell just passed right through fancy pants man like he wasn’t there and all it said was 2!

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