1.5 Update… Beta

Alright, I need sleep, like always, and I want this update to be perfect, so here’s what’s basically the final 1.5 update. Run through it, tell me if everything works, if there’s any bugs, particularly in the platform code, and what you like and what you don’t like about what’s new (or anything simple that you think could still be addressed in the final update)…

Basically I’m letting you guys beta test the update instead of waiting until tomorrow when I can make sure that everything works. Sneaky? Oh, most definitely.

Some tips: holding s, up, or down at the title credits or when the mayor is talking when you can’t move will speed everything up. T displays the stopwatch. Get the squiggles in the boss fight after being hit to allow yourself to take one more hit than normal.

Just a note to webmasters, please don’t upload this version, it’s locked to my site. Please wait until the full update is released.

Update 1.5 Beta

Oh, right, there’s also a few new things besides what was listed in the previous posts. One in particular should be pretty sweet…


  1. VideoGuy

    AWESOME! Except…

    The had a little problem with the level between 5 and 6. The jumping seemed irregular. I couldn’t jump as high as usual, and when I did, I sometimes went right back through the platforms. If nobody else got this problem, it’s no big deal.

    The new level between 4 and 5 is a little…different. It feels a bit un-fancypantsadventure ish, but I like it. It’s a nice change. The level between 3 and 4 got me stuck at first, but I eventually figured it out.

    Mixed feelings about the executioner rat. He was always the biggest problem I had in World 1, but I can get passed him now, so its good!

    Noticed a few new spiders, and the level 4 background is great! Level 5 is good, too (I found the FO part).

    Will this be released to ArmorGames, AddictingGames, Kongregate, etc.?

  2. educkface

    hmm, somehow I got stuck in the rolling tunnel in level five that leads out of the green pipe. I was rolling through it like usual, but he did not come out of the green pipe, and the I could control him walking around in the tunnel :/ I went up a little and tryed to roll out, but it rolled me back out the top. The second time I went it, it worked like normal

  3. DrNeroCF

    Awesome, I don’t want to get anyone stuck on mandatory parts, maybe I should throw yet another sign in there?

    I was also a little worried about the mouse’s scratch bullets being too hard to avoid, but I think I set him up well enough… at least I hope so.

    And yeah, once all the kinks are worked out I’ll update all the sites that I can.

    I think I might go and actually animate the mayor right now… his stiffness has started to bother me… and I haven’t animated anything in awhile…

  4. educkface

    hmm, I don’t remember pressing anything, but I am not 100% sure that I didn’t. I was waiting for him to come out of the pipe, and it surprised me when I saw he was still stuck in the tunnel :/

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