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Nope… update’s not ready yet, sorry…

Basically, the deal with the update is, I’m both lazy and extremely picky about my games, I’m sure you all know that by now… So it should be no surprise that I keep finding new things that I want to fix in World 2. I think I have it locked down now, so there’s really not that much more to do… you guys should be glad, though. If it was merely a bunch of bug fixes, you wouldn’t really have much of a reason to replay it. The biggest addition is the 2 more transitional levels, added after Level 3 and Level 4. I’m trying to be creative with these two, since they’re so small, I figure more thought should go into them, right? Nothing mind-blowingly amazing or anything, of course, but new content is new content, right?

There’s a few additions to the backgrounds, in Level 5 and Level 4 mostly, that I’d say are worth checking out. And don’t forget the timer… oh, and what some people would probably consider the best additions, if you hold a button while at the title menu or dialogue, it’ll speed them up. Definitely a plus if you play the game more than once.

Hopefully around the time the update gets out, I’ll have some fancy standalone players for the game, too, I’ve gotten a few requests for those…


The new forum’s been great, too, so here’s a big thanks to everyone posting and being generally awesome in the forum, and to Fairly who’s taking care of most of the admin functions there. We’re getting 108.765 average posts per day, and 5.529 average topics per day, in 2 weeks. Sounds pretty good to me.

Ah, that reminds me, I still gotta add the Forum door to the banner… but first I have to finish this update, argh.

Check out the topic rofl lmao: currently covered in cats and captions, and I approve. I want to start linking to more topics in the future, but I really haven’t had time to lurk around in my own forum lately…

I’d like to do more topics like this in the future, and build up some sort of collection of tips and how-to’s for making Flash games…

And finally, games I’m currently playing, since it would be too long to post that here…

On a completely unrelated note

You know what I hate? Those hand driers with the sensor on the front with small text that says ‘sanitary touchless’ or something like that. I mean, not once have I not rubbed my hands all over the thing looking for a sensor or button before I actually notice the small sensor in front. And gamers / developers who think online gaming is a replacement for multiplayer gaming in person, I REALLY hate that…


  1. DrNeroCF

    No exact day just yet, I just finished rewriting how platforms are done, though, I’ll have to test it some more, but they look like they work perfectly now (the slippery transitional level had you sort of stick to the ground if you jumped from under a platform while moving forward quickly, it doesn’t do that anymore, plus they’re more stable in general, but I have to test the Brakenwood level especially).

    So, chances are they’ll be done over the weekend, but you guys know how much I hate deadlines, haah.

    ‘Fancy standalone players’ basically means you’ll just be able to download the game and play it offline, even if you don’t have the Flash Standalone Player, with a icon and a custom menu, no right click, and it should run better, too. I’ll still be running MochiAds through them, though, but MochiAds stay on for a much shorter time than it takes the game to load.

  2. FairlyObvious

    does this mean you’re using me because you need someone to co-op with?. . .
    I’m not sure whether to cry or be the happiest girlfriend ever . . .

  3. Thefox

    Well, i was a fan of being able to stick to the ground in the slippery level. But i’m looking forward to seeing how it looks now (so i can spend a week figuring out how you might have done it). Have you considered turning FPA2 into an exe file using adobe air?

  4. WJUK

    Co-op makes a ton of things better. Assassin’s Creed should have had co-op; how awesome would it have been to have Player 2 distract the guards with a well-placed push and run and then leave it free for the 1st player to parkour in for the final kill on the target?

    Anyway, the co-op would either have to be split-screen in FPA or something where the camera would zoom out and eventually stop the two people getting to far away.

  5. rawcru

    Good idea. With a split-sceen mode, we could make a race mode (with an inky level, a wall jumping level…) and co-op. Good idea WJUK

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