Q&A pt 2, site updates

Alrighty then, so I finally got around to posting the second part of the Q&A session I recorded a few months ago. Yeah, I know, trust me, I’m still dealing with a lot of post World 2 release stuff. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff brewing in the background, though, I’m trying to set up a lot of stuff that FPA fans should like. Either way, check out the ‘videos’ tab under World 2 to view part 2. I think these questions are actually pretty interesting.

While on a ‘taking care of things that I should have done a long time ago’ kick, I updated a lot of the placeholder pages to the right. Game pages now have short little blurbs about them, and links to the game if there wasn’t one before. I still need to post images and stuff like that, but it’s better.

Also, and Fairly’s been bugging me about this one, I went and put some stuff up on the About Me pages, some info, a few pictures, if there’s anything else you guys think should be up there, go ahead and yell at me in the comments.

I’m going to try to get a few new shots up of Fraser’s Ride up, also.


  1. Niall

    Q&A still loading, man I hate dialup D:
    I can’t wait though, only another few hours of loading remaining! 😛

    Also, thanks for deleting the accidental account. But you never answered my slope detection question!

    Oh, and if you ever make a Q&A III, here’s a question;

    How long have you known TommyLM, and how long have you actually been working on FR in total? Can you give us a light description of what it’s like in gameplay, other than just ‘mellow’?

  2. DrNeroCF

    rawcru: It’s pretty close, so I’m counting on before the end of summer. If you know anything about my games, though, I don’t release them until I’m satisfied with them, and that sometimes takes awhile, heh.

    Anonymous: You should be able to sign in as your real account here too… and someone mentioned something about not answering your question, but I didn’t see the question… I was only poking me head in and out on the forum. I’ll look again, though. All the Q&As are taped already, actually. The main video is just really long, and I’m lazy and busy all at once, so I’m releasing the parts sporadically. Tommy’s in London, though, we couldn’t exactly do a Q&A together, heh. I’m sure we could try to answer any questions you guys got for it, though.

    Nyubis: Well, I got the shirt from a monthly contest for World 2, I have a regular Newgrounds tank shirt from World 1, heh. Ack, download limits? That’s just mean!

  3. Niall

    Oh, and 2 new things, I forgot to say.
    You said that if we had any ideas, shout at you in the comments, so I will.

    Okay, caplsock over and out.

    Also, one thing that is really BUGging me (heh, cheesy pun) is the snailshell in level 3.
    As shown in your snailshell golf guide, to get it up to the hole you first need to kick it up to that small platform next to the hill. If you kick it up without much power, it jerks about the place, then stops for a second, then slides straight through the platform, it’s really annoying.

    And yes, I am using update 1.6a.

  4. DrNeroCF

    Ah, you got me. I think she meant ‘brawler game.’

    That’s mostly just a concept right now, but I really like the idea and I love the style of it, hopefully I’ll be able to start working on that again alongside whatever else once Fraser’s Ride is out.

    I have a feeling that you guys would really, really like that one, though.

  5. WJUK

    That’d be awesome. Imagine something like Mugen, where the community can make their own characters etc.

    Although I doubt it’d go that far. But still, hyped!

    Oh and a Smash Bros flash games has been made before I recall… “Super Smash Flash” I’m sure it was called. Was pretty good too.

  6. DrNeroCF

    Well, with something like that, I might be up for submissions for enemy design, since they’re so disposable. Once I show you guys some concept art, if you can match the style… then we’ll see 😉

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