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Hey guys, I had a wedding to go to after Disney World, so I’ve been out of town for quite some time now. Not like a post so often that anyone would really notice, but hey. Anyways, you can check out the Flickr set with a handful of the pictures from the trip in it. I’ll probably post some of the funnier ones around in the forum.

Annnd, Fraser’s Ride is back in production, still a lot of work to be done until I’ll be happy with how it feels overall, but so far so good. I’m a bit worried, though, it’s more of a mellow experience of a game, not so sure about how Flash gamers will receive it. But oh well, I’m sure it’s good to diversify a bit. I’ll try to grab some screens or something once it shapes up a bit more.


  1. foodmansam

    and i think the definition is THIS one:
    high: slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)

  2. foodmansam

    but really mellow…….. Sounds……… trippy??? no……… laid back……. hmmmm……….. do i like that……..i guess so if u made it….. but not joking it sounds a bit trippy. in a good way.

  3. ArtisticPlatypus

    Frasers ride in progress? I saw the animation, and it’s one of the most wonderfully awesomely surrealistic animations i’ve ever seen! I can’t wait for the game.. unless, of course, if it was being postponed because you were making FPA 3.. 😉

  4. WJUK

    Damn, yea. Colourblind can be a pain when you play games.

    Like Team Deathmatch online, one colour vs another. If you’re colour-blind, you could end up killing your own team mates.

  5. Niall Lavigne

    Hey Brad, it’s Niall from the forums. I made a wordpress account for this with nothing on it basically because I didn’t want to be called Anonymous and I couldn’t figure out how to get a static name.

    I’m having some trouble (okay, a lot of trouble) with slope detection and it seems you’re the only person who can do it well, so I’ve turned to you.

    There’s a thread I made here: , hopefully you can provide some help.

    Oh, and glad you had fun! 😀

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