E3 ’08

I tend to get far more excited about e3 (the big show where Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all show off and announce new stuff), and no, I have nothing to show off for e3 as a developer, but as a gamer, I still can’t wait to see what Nintendo’s got up their sleeves. For those of you not scouring the internet for late breaking new, Microsoft just announced Miis for 360, to satisfy the legions of hardcore Gears of War players who complain that there is not enough of ‘teh kiddie’ on their console. Before Microsoft’s conference, Nintendo announced a new add-on to the Wii remote that allows the console to know exactly where the remote is being held, probably in case Microsoft announces a Wii-like controller (yet that was the only thing they didn’t copy…). And no, that’s not what the controller was supposed to be able to do in the first place, absolute positioning and reading tilt are two completely different things.

So yeah, Nintendo’s conference is usually the one that I look forward to most (as long as they’re not just announcing 4 player Pac-Man, that is…). I’m predicting WiiSports 2 bundled with the new MotionPlus peripheral, and there’s been rumblings of announcements of Animal Crossing Wii (it’s about time, I’d say) and Punch Out! Wii (and if that’s true, I’m positive it’ll use the TrueMotion add-on). Pikmin 3 is practically guaranteed, as is Nintendo showing at least something about a new Kid Icarus.

Might happen: TrueMotion bundled with WiiSports 2 for a good price (30 altogether? 40 at the most…), news that Nintendo actually cares about The Conduit (and a big thanks to High Voltage Software for that one), Animal Crossing Wii having some sort of ‘adventure’ single player game mode, and at least one other big ‘core’ game announcement.

Probably won’t happen but I wished it would: New awesome Star Fox game that’s a true sequel to Star Fox 64, new Zelda title that’s built from the ground up for Wii using TrueMotion, firmware update for USB MASS STORAGE SUPPORT AKA HARD DRIVES OR FLASH DRIVES for Wii downloads, a new Retro game (the guys who did the Metroid Prime trilogy), Disaster: Day of Crisis playable and almost finished, and finally: Red Steel 2 being shown off and looking as good as the first one almost was (I liked the first one a lot, the control was just terrible).

(and while I’m at it, New Super Mario Bros. 2 would rock)

So, what you guys looking forward to? Any predictions?


  1. Doctor Destiny

    Hello everyone. I am a long time visitor, first time post-er. Anyways, those new games sound pretty rad. The Zelda game and Star Fox sound the most appealing to me. Oh, and the New Super Mario Bros. 2. I thought the first one was the best thing ever, so think of what they could do with a sequel.

  2. WJUK

    Well that was a bit disappointing for us gamers. ACWii was a given. I’m kinda stumped why there wasn’t something like Punch-out/Kid Icarus/Pikmin/Starfox there. What a pity. Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music are fine and dandy (and you were right on the money with the bundle) but there was not much to see after that.

  3. AppleJuice137

    I hopes for an F-Zero game fer Wii. And Pikmin 3, Kid icarus, and maybye star fox. I also want to see some new spore videos (Tee Hee)!

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