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I Promise…

… this is relevant to your interest.

I’ve mentioned this offhand on the forum, but I wanted to bring it here. I’ve taken over @runfastrunfancy on Twitter and also The Fancy Pants Adventures on Facebook.

All of you here on the site know that Brad and I really love tailoring what we do to what the fans like to see so I wanted to bring this to all of you.

What is it you want to see here? On social media?

Do you prefer videos, images, bullet point outlines, or maybe random pictures of cats? Do you like constant updates when we mention the little things changing or for us to just wait until we have bigger, more substantial news?

Honest feedback is really appreciated guys. I don’t want to post useless information or spam your inbox or twitter/facebook feeds (although they hide stuff pretty darn well unless you pay, jerks).

Look forward to hearing from you!

– Fairly


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Check These Games Out!

Hey guys, I’m almost done with a pretty big update to the Remix, and am about to work on a new video (I know what is this Christmas? :D), but first I wanted to make a post on the games that the super awesome ridiculously talented guys who helped bring Fancy Pants Adventures to consoles are working on:

Full Mojo Rampage

on Steam (Windows)


on Steam (Windows, OS X, and Linux), and iOS and Android

Working with these guys was definitely a highlight of my career, so please give their latest projects a look!

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E3 2013! (Xbox, Go Home!)

I may not be posting often nowadays, but I couldn’t let an E3 go by without a bit of discussion, so here we are.

Not too much to talk about yet, for me, at least. Microsoft had a decent conference, but the move from video games as a product to video games as service is just completely at odds with how I want to play games. Nothing really looked amazing, and the Xbox (I refuse to call it The One, blech) and PS4 are so similar, other than the PS4’s power advantage, that I just found myself saying, ‘eh, it’ll just look better on PS4’ for every non-exclusive game shown. I think it says a lot that I spent most of the time playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS while MS dangled explosions, gunplay, and set pieces in front of my face, to no avail (I’m starting to think that Nintendo games are created primarily for adults, weird as that sounds).

But seriously, a serial code for every disk game? Can’t easily lend to a friend? Can’t bring a disk over to a friend’s house and quickly play a few rounds without logging in to your account and installing the entire game? Just, what the heck, Microsoft?? I already hated online passes, and I mostly hate DLC, but this is just one giant step even more terrible.

So, Sony’s conference. Not bad, not bad. I’m pretty excited for Second Son, The Order looks like it could be a ton of fun, oh, and Destiny actually looked much better than I though it would (figured it would be more MMO-y, but I like the current direction of ‘suddenly multiplayer’ during single player or co-op play).

I’m obviously writing this post because, once again, I’m stupidly hyped for Nintendo’s conference (er, Direct). Not many ways they can mess this one up, for once. New 3D Mario, NEW (best game series ever) SMASH BROS TRAILER! Even without new hardware launches, Nintendo could knock this out of the park for me by showing actual ‘next gen’ gameplay, which I still haven’t seen yet from the far beefier consoles.

Nintendo conference insta-wins:

– Smash Bros looks more Melee than Brawl (NO TRIPPING!!!)
– 3D Mario looks huge and epic and ‘feels’ new, like Galaxy did, but in larger levels, like Mario 64
– Retro shows a new IP and it looks amazing
– New Star Fox
– New F-Zero (please oh please oh please)
– 2.5D sidescrolling Metroid on 3DS
– Show something that uses the GPGPU to create new gameplay, like manipulating physics, new interactions, cool new stylus driven interactions, etc

Nintendo conference fails:

– More 3DS games than Wii U games
– Wii Sports U or Wii Fit U as main focus
– Mario Party U as main focus
– Wii Music U shown at all
– Any other minor Nintendo IPs given main focus on Wii U (Nintendogs, Brain Age, etc)

Can’t wait to see what Retro’s been working on, can’t wait to see if X looks as amazing as Xenoblade, AND DID I MENTION I WAS EXCITED FOR A NEW SMASH BROS?

Come on, Nintendo, don’t mess this up!

Will be back tomorrow to complain if Nintendo messes this up >:D

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New Game Out! SCD of Re-Mission 2!

Yes, you read that right! I actually have a new game out! Re-Mission 2 has gone live from HopeLab, and it’s made up of collection of smaller games this time around.

I did Stem Cell Defender, it’s mostly inspired by Nuclear Eagle (I was even able to team up with Luka again, which was great), but plays differently and I think has a feel of its own.

Check it out!

(I actually prefer playing with ‘auto-fling’ turned on, it’s a bit faster)

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Road Redemption!

Hey guys, yep, its Brad here finally! Hope you enjoyed Fairly’s post monopoly for a bit, we spend a surprising amount of time discussing / complaining about games, so it’s fun sharing a bit of that with everyone.

Anyways, I had to show some love for a fellow Louisiana dev, who are attempting to make a lot of gamers’ dreams come true and build a new Road Rash styled game themselves.

Road Redemption

What I find mind blowing, though, is if you pay over 800 bucks, you get the ENTIRE SOURCE CODE AND RIGHTS TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO WITH IT. That’s almost as nuts as it is awesome.

Oh, yeah, they want to do a Wii U version, and the Wii U needs more games!

Gimme moar Wii U gamez!!

So at least check the Kickstarter page out, I’d love to see more going on locally, and the footage already looks great.

More hardcore old school games made is always a good thing!

Road Redemption on Kickstarter

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Oh Game Industry

Phew, now that this post is out of my system, I’m going to try to keep up a string of posts, what I’ve been up to, what I’m games I’m thinking of making in the future, more complaining about video games (except Gravity Rush, amazing game), that sort of thing. Later, everyone.

I keep wanting to write more simple blog type posts about games I’m playing and my thoughts in general (remember my that one time I wrote an angry post about the Too Human demo??), but the longer I wait to post something, the more epic I feel the post should be, and the more epic I feel the next post should be, the longer I take to write something… Doesn’t help that I was writing this from my phone and the WordPress app crashed and killed most of the content of this post, so it ended up taking even longer to finish.

So let’s break the vicious cycle, here goes:

Recently I slapped a new (okay, now old) GTX 570 in my now ancient Mac Pro, sick of waiting for the new generation of consoles to emerge (don’t get me wrong, I’m hyped as hell for the Wii U, but Nintendo isn’t giving me nearly enough info to go on at this point). I picked up the PC versions of a few games that were in my need-to-play list (and even more during the Steam summer sale, arg!), and finally got around to playing the first Crysis and Crysis Warhead again.

There’s been a lot bugging me about the video game industry lately (DLC, online passes, DRM…), but there’s no better way to illustrate the absolute worst of video games right now than to go between Crysis 1 and Crysis 2.

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And We’re Back

Finally, after the long, exhausting, almost three year long journey that was The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3, I had to disappear from the internet a bit to regain some of my lost sanity. But I’m back, and more ready than ever to, I dunno, attempt to do awesome things at the Internet?

So what’s been going on these past few months? Lots, actually. First and foremost, I celebrated my first Fathers Day (:D) last Sunday, I’ve also been working on the Grateful Dead online game with Curious Sense. The first part of it is out now, and there’s some really awesome additions coming soon. Just make sure to register and create your own avatar, a lot of code went into making those little guys customizable! Disappear for awhile, come back with a launched game, not too bad, eh?

TommyLM and I have begun discussing Fraser’s Ride again, so expect to see some updates on that, finally! I can say, though, it looks WAY more awesome right now than it did the last time you saw it. I’ve also learned a bunch of code while working on W3 that should help make that development far easier.

I’ve also finally upgraded my audio / video equipment, so I’m itching to get back on YouTube and talk about teh gamez again. Anything you guys would like me to address, relating to W3 development, perhaps?

Been playing a lot of games recently, I’ll make a post later so I can go more in detail about the games I’m playing, since those usually have a pretty big influence on the games I’m working on.

And last but not least, I’ve got some cool ideas on how to get the Borne Games community more involved in some game making, so check out our forums for my latest hair-brained schemes.

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E3 ’10 Predictions!

We all know that E3 doesn’t REALLY start until Nintendo’s conference, but I’m still wasting some time before Microsoft gets to show me their version of casual gaming with a terrible product name: (Insect! Er, Knicted! or something… ), so here are my predictions for this year’s E3, and a place where we can all talk about the stupid things that all 3 companies do!

Getting the obvious out of the way:

– Kinect is a stupid word.
– Gears of War 3 will be shown, I’m hoping it’s more like GoW1 and less like 2.
– Kinect / Natal still looks silly.
– Milo will be back and creepy as ever.
– Halo: Reach campaign will be shown, and will be awesome.

– Zelda will totally be sweet and I might forgive Nintendo for 30 minutes of sales charts because of it.
– Pikmin 3 will rock.

– Everyone in the media will instantly forget they ever played Wii Sports Resort and pretend like Move is something new.

Less obvious guesswork:

– MS will try to show some core games working with Nat…Kinect, using a controller while also tracking body lean and head movement.
– bunch of core game sizzle trailers to make us feel like us real gamers haven’t been forgotten.
– MGS Rising footage for the omgz the Xbox has MGS! Shock value
– Connect Fit, nuff said.

– Wiimote pointer controlled Starfox.
– New Retro game (though IGN’s insisting that it’s a new Donkey Kong game, which wouldn’t have been my first guess…).
– Zelda Wii controls super awesomely and is very beautiful.
– 3DS totally owns PS3’s version of 3D for the sole reason that it doesn’t require stupid glasses and a screen that’s unviewable to anyone not wearing them (not needing to buy a whole new TV is a plus, too).

– Going to try very very hard that Wii isn’t 300 times better than Move at FPS games.
– Another Play, Create, Share game? I dunno.
– PSP2 will have 2 analogue sticks… Probably…

Update: I’m pretty sure the 3DS will be able to play virtual console games (not sure if it’ll be the same store or separate, since it would require different emulators, hoping it would just be the same, like the PSP and PS3), but the 3DS SHOULD be able to play n64 games in 3d, since it’s emulating them, and there’s not all that many on the store, so it wouldn’t be hard to test them all.

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GDC 10′

Gonna be heading up to GDC in San Francisco soon. Don’t know if that means I’ll be posting more or less for the week, heh. I’ll try and keep you guys updated if anything interesting happens. If anyone here is awesome and going to be there, let me know!

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Nintendo R&D

This hit me during Shigeru Miyamoto (you know, Mario’s dad)’s roundtable that just ended, and I figured this needed a separate post, so be sure to still check out the next post for the rest of my super important opinions, heh.

Here’s the quote from IGN:

Q: Microsoft and Sony showed their motion controls. I would like to hear Mr. Miyamoto’s feedback.

A: Miyamoto says for Nintendo the strategy is to do development and get the hardware ready and have software ready and then make the announcements. Until this new technology reaches that level, it’s really impossible to make any judgement on it. “Of course, we’re working at R&D at Nintendo. The things that we’ve seen here are things we’ve seen before,” he says. He is in favor of motion controls and anything that gets players moving.

Think about that one for a moment. What would happen if Nintendo came out and showed off all of the new hardware that they have in R&D right now that’s just as unfinished as Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion controllers? They would be showing off TONS of stuff that might never make it to the market.

Thing is, Microsoft and Sony KNOW that they need to have motion controls hit the market, even though they’re still working with very early prototypes right now. Because of Nintendo and the Wii. Hmmm…

Btw, new Wii Zelda just confirmed as continuing the Twilight Princess art style (and maybe being WM+ exclusive) 😀 Sadly, that’s about all the new info that’s out there right now…

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Nintendo’s Conference

Welp, another press conference and you know what that means: everyone start predicting what Nintendo will be showing next E3!

Okay, not really. But yeah, the conference was pretty boring. No Pikmin (yet?), no Zelda (except for Spirit Tracks, which does look hella fun), Wii Fit 2, Nintendo Heart Rate Monitor or something like that, and yay expanded audiences.

Here’s the thing, though, as my cousin pointed out, Nintendo doesn’t really show much in the way of 3rd party software at E3, so a ton of 3rd party stuff was announced, bragged about, and otherwise showed off yesterday or pretty recently. I was feeling pretty bummed after the conference, until I looked at the Wii videos section on IGN. WOW.

I’m going to have to break this post up cause this might get long…
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The Future of Gaming!


Even better:

In all seriousness, though, to actually compare this ‘Natal’ this to Wii Motion Plus, well, when I play games like Gears of War and Halo, I’m always thinking how much better they would be with Wii pointer controls, or how much better GTA4 minigames would be with Wii controls.

Could this thing even control an FPS or a precise minigame?

So I guess that right now I’m playing 360 pre-natal? Yeck.

And if anyone actually cares to see how it really looks (but what’s the fun in that?):

Moar GIFs! Full body waggle!

Okay okay, I promise that I’ll rag on Nintendo tomorrow if they unveil stupid things also. That would make me unbiased, right?

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E3 predictions ’09

Would be amazing if I could say that I’ll be at E3 this year showing off World 3 or something cool like that, but alas, I’m just on the consumer side of the news barrage once again.

Anyways, looks like most of the 3rd party info has been spilling out over the last few days, especially for 3rd party Wii games, since no news is going to stand a chance amidst whatever Nintendo finally decides to unveil.

Any guesses on what we’ll be seeing? Sounds like a new Zelda and / or Mario title is almost a given, same with more info on Wii Sports Resort, and something called Wii Fit Plus (maybe it’ll come with sunlight and fresh air this time around? lawlz I kid I kid).

As for the less whispered about stuff, I’m still calling (begging for?) a new Star Fox game this year. Would be nice if we saw whatever Retro Studios was working on, maybe even see a New(er) Super Mario Bros. on DS? Pikmin 3? Though that one’s probably most likely…

Either way, looks like we’ll be getting a much better ‘real gamer’ focused E3 from Nintendo this year. At least we better, after how badly Nintendo messed up last year. Heck, they even issued an official apology for their show!

Showing off FPA at E3… *daydreams*

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Game Mechanics

[quick edit, looks like the subscribe to posts page is working now, the plugin got updated, I think all new peoples are going to be automatically subscribed, if anyone has a problem with that, let me know, everyone else, click the new page tab at the top right there, you can select which categories you want notifications for]

Yo yo yo, just thought I’d do a quick post (okay, well, not as quick as that Sonic one, but also far less depressing!).

Getting back into the swing of working on FPA again, I’ve begun thinking about game mechanics, and analyzing games that I’m playing even more so than usual.

So I’d like to know, what’s your favorite game mechanics? This post got quite a bit longer than I thought it would, so click below for my answer, and some musings on saving in games and game difficulty…

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