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Hey again. Sadly, still nothing new to report, but I figure I could try something a bit different for this post.

I know a lot of people out there are trying to get a grip on making Flash games, and a good lot of you would settle for being able to create something fairly simple. So, what I want to ask of all you readers out there is this: what would a platformer level editor need in it to be worth making levels in? And before you ask, I’m thinking something tile based, like Super Mario Bros., not exactly a Fancy Pants Adventure fully featured level editor. I’d like to know what you would consider to be absolutely essential to you, and what would be just cool to have. What sort of set pieces would you want? How much control over the terrain would you need? Items, keys, weapons, doors, gates? That sort of stuff. Well, now that I’ve opened the flood gates here, be creative! Let’s see what ya got.


  1. WJUK

    Hm… if it’s tile-based like SMB than you’d obviously need tiles. And preferably a start and end flag thing (maybe even checkpoint flags?). There should be hazards (spike pits etc.) and maybe springs and such to reach higher places.

    Oh and being able to place enemies would be nice.

  2. educkface

    1. I think a cannon like the one in world 2 would be amazing.
    2. placeable enemies that you can set the speed of them moving.
    3. platforms that you can jump on from underneath, and ones that you can’t.
    4. power-ups that allow your character to jump super high or run fast for a limited time to get past obstacles.
    5. This is probably way overboard, but maybe a place where you can switch between characters that have different abilities. (like donkey kong 64)
    6. platforms that disappear after a set amount of time.
    7. platforms that you can control where they move for a certain period of time before they disappear.
    8. A spring enemy that boosts you high up when you jump on it.
    9. The ability to turn on or off a mini map

    Theres a couple things I can think of. I can’t wait to hear the ideas of everyone else.

  3. WJUK

    >Moving platforms.

    And being able to change the properties of the blocks. How fast moving platforms move, do they move only when you step on them or they just move on their own? How fast falling platforms fall etc.

    All this makes me think of Atmosphir

  4. VideoGuy

    Maybe something like the level editor in this game. (Click on extras).

    I assume the player would be FPM, and the enemies would be spiders/snails? Cannons and springs would be awesome, too.

    Also, if you could, make the levels save-able so we can share them with each other.

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