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Play World 2 on Facebook! Add it to your wall/boxes/whatever it is now and invite all your friends (plz)!

Woo! Finally, some real news! This has been one of my side projects, to got FPA in it’s own app on Facebook, thanks to the guys at J2Play.

So, what does this mean to the users, besides a new set of badges to collect, and yet another rainbow of pants to earn? Well, awesomely, the J2Play wrapper addresses one of the most common problems with online games: if someone were to play a level or two at school, or on a public computer, their progress is lost the next time they play the game. Not to mention that Flash’s local saving doesn’t work 100% of the time. Through J2Play’s API, I’m able to save all of your achievements and settings, and retrieve them again based on your Facebook profile. Basically, you can play World 2 on any computer and still have your game saved as long as you’re logged into Facebook. Very useful when you’re trying to save up 100,000 squiggles for the final squiggle badge!

If you don’t have a Facebook profile, J2Play supports a bunch of other social networking sites, but Facebook is the first that we’ve published to. Let me know what networks you want to see FPA on! Here’s their list of supported social sites.

(added the full sized version of the Faceboook app icon to the art section)


  1. educkface

    yeah, the page loads very slowly, and finally when I press start game, I get a bunch of code and a box that asks me to report the problem :/

  2. bogart27

    Hey, educkface
    My name’s Andy and I work for J2Play. I’m gunna try to help you solve this issue. Can you tell me which version of flash you are using?

  3. educkface

    *update* I just downloaded 10.0.12, but it still won’t work :/

    Oh, btw, Brad there needs to be some kind of edit button on these comments :p

  4. WJUK

    Haha, unfortunately I don’t have a facebook account. Social Networking sites are just not my thing. I sat through the whole “OMFG! Myspace!” phase, and I’ll probably sail through this one too. My friends got so annoyed back then that they made a Myspace page for me. 😀

    Anyway, nice work Brad! J2Play sounds like a great concept. Glad to know your not neglecting FPA2.

  5. bogart27

    Ok…our engineer Yuriy has just told me that he found a problem and has fixed it. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it should solve your problem. If you don’t mind trying one last time and letting me know, it’s be very appreciated it.

    Also, there is a known issue with Adblockers (mostly AdBlock Plus on Firefox). They need to be turned off for games to load. So if you are running one, try killing it for a test run.

    Thanks again!

    P.s. J2Play games are on iGoogle! Just search for us!

  6. educkface

    hmm, well I disabled adblock and it still doesn’t work. Now I can see the ad before the game though :/

    I appreciate your help very much though.

  7. educkface

    *update* I am not sure why, but it just started working. Then, I accidentally refreshed and it gave me an error again. Now it seems to be working again though!

    Thanks for all of your help!

  8. WJUK

    Yea, we mentioned that before. Try and get FPA on WiiWare, XBLM or PSN. That would be frickin’ sweet.

    Well, Brad’s (sorta) one step closer now!

    I guess…

  9. VideoGuy

    I’ve thought about getting a Facebook, but could never come up with a good reason to get one, aside from the fact that everyone else has one. Maybe this will finally be my excuse.

    If I do get a Facebook however, this will be the first thing I get for my page, er, whatever it’s called.

  10. bogart27

    To be fair, if you don’t just add everyone who asks you, the only people “poking” you will be your friends…plus, no one pokes now anymore anyway….

  11. Nyubis

    I created a Facebook account at last. I did register under a false name (Nyubis Aelimathuailo). I sorta got a problem with putting my real name on the internet. (Although a few of you know it).

    And the problem is, the FPA app won’t work. It simply says “J2PLAY error” And you can choose report or exit…

  12. DrNeroCF

    Congrats! Now that nothing is personal anymore… heh, kidding. Looks like it’s working for me. Which browser are you using? Those guys tend to be bug testing and fixing things constantly. Try a few of the other J2Play games and see if those work.

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