We interupt your regularly scheduled programming…

Since ‘Borne Games‘ is really just one person, you’re going to get a few posts on here that are far more more personal than business, and I think that this really deserves a post, so here’s the link to the Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta post, first off.


Notice something there?

As of November 26th, Jenna (FairlyObvious in the forums) and I are engaged!



Not a bad setting for a proposal, no?



  1. zymn

    holy shit, dude, congrats!

    aren’t you mr. romantic. 😛
    only thing that would’ve made it better is if you were wearing orange pants…

    send me a piece of the wedding cake, dude!

  2. WJUK

    Should’ve been sunrise. Like it’s the dawn of the next step of your relationship! 😛

    Although I probably wouldn’t be able to get up early for that.

  3. Niall

    Haha, not to ruin the atmosphere or anything here, but I just noticed how much that 2nd picture looks bluescreened 😛

    Yes, I’m charming.

    Again, many congratulations.

  4. Nyubis

    @Niall:I think you mean: bluekeyed. Bluescreen is the error message you get at NT-based windows pc’s.
    And how do you change the picture on the right of your posts?

    @Brad and Jenna:
    When you are going to marry, make sure to film the wedding. I saw my parents’ video, and it was hilarious and beautyfull at the same time.

  5. AwesomenessFTW

    Oh, BTW: “Should’ve been sunrise. Like it’s the dawn of the next step of your relationship!”

    Or sunset, because it’s “closing” the first step of their relationship, then “opening” the next step. I’m clever with metaphors… 😛

  6. zymn

    finally Jenna replies. you two must’ve been out with friends all this time or somethin. well, you must be real happy. i’ve come to realize that geeks and developers are pretty good with relationships.

  7. FairlyObvious

    I’ve gotten that Kate girl from lost before. It’s some expression that I do apparently that looks a lot like her, but I’ve never gotten Penny Widmore . . . now I have to look that up . . .

  8. Gazzo

    I was told awhile back ago by a girl that I looked like Johnny Depp. Now whether this was just flattery or if there was some truthfulness to it, I don’t know. But I do kind of see it, I guess. (Or maybe I’m just being narcissistic.)

    Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp…We almost have The Pirates of the Caribbean cast, haha. A twisted version, I suppose. But a cast, nonetheless.

    Also, yes, Jenna(Fairly? Am I getting too personal now?)is very pretty. =D

  9. rawcru

    Alright. She’s Brad’s already. Now hurry and find a girl that’s similar to another one from any famous seres or films!
    Kiddin that’s not love. Nice ring btw 😉

  10. emjoy

    hehe the best part of this is when me, dad, spencer and rachel were spying on ya’ll… sorry, just had to comment!

    congrats dear brother!! 😀

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