Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta

Brad Borne and Electronic Arts are partnering up for the release of Mirror’s Edge 2D!

I made a post about it in the forum a few days ago, but it looks like the news is out, so here’s the official post about it.

We’re still a week or two away from full launch, but I’d like to get as much feedback about the beta as possible, so if you find anything glitching out, or anything you’d like to comment on, just comment this post.

Update: Just added a timer, lets see those scores! Finish the level to store best time.

Play the beta here!

To anyone having problems with high jumping from ledges:

Run at the ledge

Jump right before you hit it (or go too high from a wall climb)

Hold jump when she snaps to it

Keep holding jump

Annnd yeah

Criticism and responses: there has been a ton of aspects of the game that have been tweaked to address some criticism. I’ll try to address things that I’m not changing, or won’t add until the final game (most likely, at least) here:


There will be some sections with enemies (like, mini-levels), if I can get the balance right and keep it fun. Basically, enemies slow the player down, I know that most people want to keep moving on big sections.

Wall jump / jump is too powerful / not realistic enough

Well, yes, the wall jump probably seems to powerful in this level. I had it toned down much more at first, but that made Level 2 impossible in some parts. Same thing with the jump height. Certain level designs just aren’t possible if I keep the movement too conservative. And this is 2d, I need to use those two d’s as much as I can! That means lots of vertical ground covered, far more than in the console counterpart.

Re-mappable controls

This definitely highlights my hatred of the keyboard as the standard of input for computer games, but what can I do about that (besides tell you guys to use joytokey, darwiinremote, gamepad companion, etc)? Re-mappable controls are only necessary when games get too complex, devs ignore standards, or in the case of PC gaming, there are hardly any standards at all. I’ll try and add a few different control types to the game if I have the time, but I like to try and keep all my games so that the arrow keys map to the d-pad, and the WASD map to the face buttons. Basically, I’m a console gamer developing for a mouse and keyboard input scheme.

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  1. CoterminousDerelict

    I’ve noticed that you didn’t include how to access the menu in the control scheme.

    It’s quite annoying, especially since I am unable to reset my laps.

    How do you access the menu?

  2. carlos

    Hey Brad, I would just like to say that this is the best online platform game I have played, and everyday I keep coming back to play it, its addictive. As a programmer myself I can appreciate the work you have put into this and I love the way all your games play and feel especially Mirrors Edge. How big are you planning to make this game and have you not had deals for the nintendo ds or even psp for this game because I could really see this as a commercial game even though I would still love this to be freeware.


  3. DrNeroCF

    carlos, thanks for the comment. It really depends on what EA wants to do with it once it’s released. I’m just making what I’m being commissioned to do, after that it’s their call.

  4. Juliaaa

    Oh, I forgot something else.
    Like sometimes when I’m hanging on to something, it shows Faith like right next to it, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, and when I jump, it acts as if I was there. So sometimes I fall.

    And, is this a fast time? -55.70
    Ha, I was just wondering.


  5. smeemee

    i got 51.62 🙂

    i had a thought, maybe you could do a vertical leval, inside a building ar stuff, and have rooms with bad guys in em like in this level.

  6. MysterY

    When in pause screen I accidentally pressed Q key and the game background turned into white and I got a warning message which tells me to abort the flash due some script. A bug perhaps?

  7. S_BIRKO

    I know this is going to sound I bit harsh but,

    I think you’ve just ripped off Fancy Pants Adventures.
    because both game games have the same fluent running style, both have little hidden rooms in each levels, both have curly loops and jumps, both have the same animation alike, and most of all both have that dust effect when the player lands on the ground. (level design looks like FPA aswell)

    I don’t mind this, because I like FPA (fancy pants adventures) But I know other people are going to want something new so you guy better find someting new and sparking for the players!

    thnx 4 reading S_BIRKO


  8. jesus_minime

    yeah, its funny that even after 6 and a half versions there are stilla bunch of glitches. most of them involving baddies. also, the most fun glitch in the game is in level five, or the one that has the “RUN FAST! RUN FACNY!” in it. in the first spot that you have to slide into and then roll down, you can also roll back up! it looks really funny!! 8P

  9. VideoGuy

    @Darkheart, jesus_minime: Brad lets anyone beta-test his games, once he has a beta prepared, you don’t need to ask. And he’s not going to pay you, so don’t act as if testing for “free” is such a big deal.

  10. DrNeroCF

    If you contribute significantly to making a release more stable, then yeah, I think you deserve a shout-out in the credits

    Yeah, just way too much going on with all the interactions, I’m going to put a ton more of protections in this time, though. There were also a ton more fixes to the engine for ME2D, since that game pushes certain aspects much more than World 2 did, so most of those should carry over to World 3. Platforms are still a bit buggy, though, but I should be able to fix that soon.

  11. Darkheart

    Found a glitch in fancy pants 2 cristmas, when you get hurt, and are getting back up, your hat dissapers for a sec.
    probly becaus you used too much of the old run cycle from fancy pants 2.

    p.s If you put me in the credts (i hope you will) call me by my real name, Mackenzie Noon

  12. invasion

    I respect EA but I don’t think they understand how useful flash distribution could be. But neither did I when I made my first flash game. :]

  13. smeemee

    i dunno why, but playing the game recently, it was being a bit unresponsive, and, when wallrunning, it wouldnt let me jump when traveling left, or jump off a peg when travelling left.

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