Happy ’09 / baddies in the beta

Another year and another promise to update this site more often, heh.

Got a new build of Mirror’s Edge 2D up yet again, but this one adds a little something special.

I’m adding ‘evidence’ to this build. Evidence is another set of collectible items, but they’re only found in smaller rooms, protected by the bad guys. Yep, that’s right, you’ll be able to check out how I’m handling baddies in this build! The one baddie room I have in there right now is very simple and fairly easy, but it’s just the first one, so don’t worry about that.

A few tips for collecting evidence:
– You’ll have to find the room hidden in the main level, remember, look for red.
– Your health will regenerate pretty quickly, cover is your friend!
– Watch where he’s looking. Time your running appropriately.
– If you die while carrying evidence out of the level, you’ll drop it.
– If you’re pinned down, wait for him to reload.
– Duck!

I wanted to include this in the beta since it’s quite a bit different from how bad guys are handled in ME3D. I’d like to see what you guys think of it.

Play Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta

Also of note, hitting R while paused now will reset your lap, instead of reloading the entire level. Should be useful for for speed runs.

And last but not least, a round of apologies for my terrible temporary background artwork in the baddie level.


  1. WJUK

    Hm… that’s an interesting way to add baddies. It seems like a fairly robust way, although there are a few glitches on the… er… police people.

    I’m also happy that they only appear in the evidence rooms, the flow of the main game is maintained.

  2. VideoGuy

    Nicely done. The enemy seems pretty intelligent, nice job on the coding for that.

    Two animation suggestions, though:

    When the enemy fires and hits the character, there’s a red splash/explosion. That was probably meant to be blood or something, but it almost looks like the enemy was firing lasers instead of bullets.

    When the enemy changes direction, it looks awkward for him to just mirror himself like that. I would suggest doing some kind of turning-around animation, even if its only a few frames, just do it doesn’t look to choppy.

    You probably already know these and have plans for them later, but I thought I’d mention them.

    And I agree with Rawcru, I think there needs to be some kind of killable enemy, although I’m not sure how it could be implemented.

  3. FairlyObvious

    I’m posting just because I beta test before stuff is posted but when its posted I don’t look like I participated . . . so hah =(

  4. rawcru

    Thanks for the reply. I discussed the following with WJUK:

    I think there should be enemies in the main lvls. That’s because the most enjoyable part for me on ME 3D were the lvls where you’re running and trying to avoid enemy bullets without contact.
    I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear but, anyway, I think there should be some unreachebul enemies like snipers or something, just to shake things up.;)

  5. WJUK

    Wasn’t that what I said when you suggested it to me. 😛
    Then you also suggested the slow-down feature (or bullet-time) that’s also in the 3D game. XD

  6. Nyubis

    Awesomeness!!! This baddie really is cool and the ai is great. I kinda rofl’ed when I entered the baddie room becasue your own sketchy style suddenly got into the game =P

    And bullet-time would be 1337, though maybe a little hard to make since you got the timer… Maybe you can just let the timer run on normal speed when in slo-mo

  7. Nyubis

    Sorry for double post, but I found a teleportation-bug. If you hang on the red crane on the rend of the level and jump while holding left, you teleport to the North-West.

  8. WJUK

    I think it’ll go like this:

    World 3 then ME2 (3D game) then the ME2 (flash game). 😀

    If this is successful, and judging by the look of things, it will be then EA will no doubt utilize Brad’s talents again. Whether or not they use it for ME2 or something else altogether is anyone’s guess though.

  9. VideoGuy

    WJUK’s right, EA probably will find more work through Brad. Although if there is a second ME2D, the name might get tricky (ME2D2?). 😀

    And World 3 better be Brad’s next game. Er..actually, what ever happened to Fraser’s Ride? I assume it got bumped for ME2D.

  10. Columbus007

    Are we supposed to be leaving suggestions in this thread or the other one? I just posted a message in the old thread, and I want to be sure that it gets read.

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