Fairly Here . . .

Brad and I have been talking for a while and he suggested that I begin posting on the actual blog instead of restricting myself to the forum. He’s always so busy and he hates not being able to update his blog and he figured I could help fill in those blank days. 

I probably brought it on myself because I expressed interest in trying to start something where I could attempt to give my personal view on new games and even old games that have disappeared or almost become obsolete. That would include giving reviews of new games I’ve played, first takes on games about to be released (by watching teh previews of them and all that), and relating personal experience with older games. 

Just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on that proposal. I’d hate to shove myself into Brad’s blog and have everyone decide I’ve treaded on ground that’s sacred 😉

If y’all even have some more suggestions on what you’d like to see from me that would be good too. 

Slán go fóill 



  1. VideoGuy

    I’m not opposed to it. It’s a pretty cool idea. I remember you mentioned starting your own blog a while back on the forum, but this is just as good. Anything to fill those “blank days.” Can’t think of any suggestions right now, but your ideas sound interesting.

  2. WJUK

    I think a good feature to have if you’re doing this is sort of like a developer diary for Brad’s work from your perspective. So maybe we get some insight into the test builds etc.
    Frankly, I could see that working quite well. Especially since Brad seems to busy to do anything even remotely similar on a regular schedule.

  3. FairlyObvious

    The developer diary would probably work better when I’m actually living in New Orleans in house with Brad . . .
    but I was thinking about that in time . . .

  4. FairlyObvious

    The wedding is set for July and because of the location of the actual ceremony we wouldn’t be able to have it filmed. It’s being held in a Cathedral Basilica so they have rules against videography. They just recently started allowing photography. 😉

  5. Nyubis

    Sorry for triple post, must’ve accidentay hit enter…

    Ah, too bad. I saw my parents wedding vid lately and it was fun 😀
    And for July already? Getting nervous? =P

  6. VideoGuy

    No videography? VideoGuy doesn’t like the sound of this. 😀

    Could you sneak in a hidden camera (like have a guest wear a giant hat with a camera inside)? Oh well, I guess either way it won’t be live-streamed on this site.

    And Rawcru, people only fall because they’re being videotaped and want to appear on AFV. 😉

  7. Thefox

    Yeah I like your idea of reviewing new/old games. I’d say go for it!
    Brad does get busy very often heh, so it would make the blog more lively as well
    Well, I don’t think i’ve had the chance to say congratulations to you. Best of luck to both of you in the future

  8. WJUK

    I’m expecting something like this at the wedding:

    *Bridal march plays*

    *cuts out* *FPA music plays*

    Then someone dressed up as FPM crashes the party. XD

    If I lived anywhere close to you guys, I would’ve loved to come to the wedding. But alas, an ocean sort of blocks me from getting there.

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