Oh the childhood years . . .

yet I still feel as though I’m still in them 😉

Fairly here with what I guess is my first OFFICIAL post in what we like to call Fairly’s Corner (we as in Brad and me.) 

I guess the first order of this corner business is to go ahead and throw some personal and reminiscent childhood moments into the midst of this post. Give me a few sentences, I swear there is a point to all of this. 

As all (or at least most) of you know, I am, in fact, female. I am, in fact, engaged to Brad (aka DrNerocf.) I also am, in fact, a gamer freak (in the most positive sense of the word.) I attribute this trait of mine solely to the fact that I was raised in a culdesac full of boys. Despite the random girl moving in ever so often I was continuously sucked into the circle of gaming, it was necessary for my personal survival. I have two older brothers and one younger brother, all who were constantly spending their allowances on videogames. I was guilty also, I split the difference for new consoles with my younger brother. 

When I was growing up I was surrounded by possibly ever console known to man, if my family didn’t have it our neighbors across the street had it. Consequently, even if I didn’t fully play the game, I ended up getting the full experience by watching it. There is no way I’m going to claim that I am absolutely amazing at all things gaming. I’m probably good FOR A GIRL, but that’s as far as I am going to go with that. I’ll play almost any game, but I am not a fan of first person shooters. Brad has tried to get me into those, but I just can’t, they don’t click with me for some reason. So, unless you count shooting arrows off a horse in Zelda, count me out on first person shooters. After having a brother and a friend who were both ranked in Halo, I hung up my controller on that one and left it to them. 

So, as a tribute to my brother J.B., who helped to truly foster my love of videogames I’m going to go ahead and start this whole blog with a series on co op games I loved as a kid. The first one I’m going to talk about is . . .  


There is a NES version of this available for download on Wii Virtual Console, it is THE Double Dragon, not the SNES version you see above. However, I am not going to pretend like I have experience with the NES version of it, but I am going to have to download it and play through it if only to get the experience. 

SUPER Double Dragon is the game that I remember playing the MOST with my younger brother. We never beat it (sadly), it always seems we would get to the last level get right to the last boss and then inevitably die. If this ever becomes available for download for Wii Virtual Console I will have to make him come home for a weekend just to see if we can finally kill those stupid Shadow Warriors. 

Unlike the its predecessors, SUPER Double Dragon was made exclusively for the SNES (the others were derived from an arcade version of the game). This is a simple beat’em up game complete with satisfying punching and kicking sound effects, not to mention the “Hah!” that’s thrown in there after you have done something completely satisfying. 

The weapons, oh the weapons, I still remember trying to beat J.B. to the nunchuks or that random barrel that would show up on screen. What’s even more fun about these beat’em up games is the ability to actually beat each OTHER up. If you aren’t extremely serious about beating the game, it’s always fun to randomly grab an oil drum and toss it at your co op partner. Who doesn’t enjoy watching their faces turn red as they try to throw you over their shoulder to toss you off the next cliff your characters might come to?

The backgrounds to this game are actually quite nice, although if you have ever played Animal Crossing some of the curtains and decor might remind you a lot of what you might buy for 1,250 bells.

Warning: Remember that you can consume your co op partner’s lives, always a sure fire thing to make them mad when you manage to die three times in a row within five minutes. (Now, by consume I do not mean that you will turn into a giant pink fluffy marshmallow that will eat your partner and therefore take his life from him.) 

As I said, this is where most of my childhood memories of co opness come from. Bittersweet memories having never beat the game, but all the same memories. I sure hope that Nintendo has the heart to no longer deny Super Double Dragon to the general Wii public. This is definitely that Saturday game where you grab your best friend and sit down to play the game straight through for about two-four hours (it’s not an uber long game) praying that you have more then half a power bar when you finally get to the end. 

Sorry this isn’t more detailed, but as I said, this is a simple beat’em up game. In MY opinion one of the best of its kind. If you consider yourself a beat’em up connoisseur I suggest your write to Nintedo and demand this become available ASAP lest you be laughed off the gaming stratosphere when your peers find out you have not played this game. 

(and before anyone chooses to mock me for not beating this game with my little brother, I would like to remind you that I was 7 and he was 6 when it was released) 😉

Slán go fóill 

P.S. As for my “guilty pleasure” game, I will reveal that in time . . . for now you can go to the worst games ever and take your pick from the list. If you get it correct I will admit my slip in videogame taste 😉


  1. WJUK

    Personally, my friends and I use to play Streets of Rage II on the Mega Drive (Genesis) and I gotta say we loved that game. I played it for the first time in years a few weeks ago and loved it. If I can some Wii Points, I’m definitely going to download it.

  2. AwesomenessFTW

    You mean, I learned “Pinball Wizard” on guitar for nothing? Aww…
    I always liked pinball machines. Once I won my mom a free car wash by playing pinball 😛

    * If anyone doesn’t know what “Pinball Wizard” is,

  3. FairlyObvious

    Well you know we could start a movement similar to Save the Polar Bears, just make it Save the Pinball Machines!
    Yea, I’m addicted to pinball machines, but its almost impossible to find them . . .
    I’m sure one of the goals me and Brad have in common is to one day own a couple of those . . . or at least one 😉

  4. WJUK

    I miss arcades. 🙁

    Makes me want to go to Japan since their arcades kick ass. The arcades (if they can be called that) are basically the crappy one’s by the seaside where it’s mainly those coin machines. I’m itching for some retro old-skool Street Fighter or something!

  5. DrNeroCF

    Man, I love pinball machines, and pinball mechanics in video games (boy did I ever love Sonic Spinball). How more pinball mechanics haven’t found their way into my games yet, I have no idea.

    Also wanted to say great article, I love hearing about old video games experiences. ‘Specially since games nowadays don’t seem to have nearly the same lasting effect and on real world relationships (online play, bah!).

    Something tells me that the only games we’re really going to be talking about nostalgically from the last couple of years will be Smash Bros (seriously, is there any other great series based on 4 player same screen play?), Wii Sports (remember when motion control was so simple and fun? Now it’s way too complex and confusing!), and more ‘meta’ stuff like World of Goo and Braid.

    I mean, do you really expect people to be saying things like, ‘geez guys, remember when we pwnzored those n00bz online in Halo 20 times in a row and questioned their sexuality repeatedly? Those were the days! They just don’t make games like Halo anymore!’ Oh the lawls.

    Anyways, looking forward to more stories, and I know the secret game, hehehe.

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