Bonus Post 8/7!

There’s been some terrible accusations that Cutie Pants might just be a reskinning of Fancy Pants Man!

In fact, they won’t control a thing alike. She won’t run nearly as fast, she might not even be able to run up half pipes like FPM can!

So to make up for that slight shortcoming…

With a little help from Kabootle, she shouldn’t have any problem getting through levels…


Just no one tell PETA, k? 😉

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  1. DavidAnimatedGamer

    I have another question, doesn’t fancy pants man use a pencil
    for a weapon in Newgrounds Rumble? Maybe Brad could put it in FPA 3?

  2. WJUK

    Haha I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about the pencil before. FPM uses it for snailshell golf in FPA2. But ditches it almost immediately.

    I could potentially see it returning in FPA3 but knowing Brad he’s got some crazy use for it; like the pencil acts as a surf-board or something.

  3. jesus_minime

    also, the trophies should be harder to find..
    i like the secret door one in world one. he should do more stuff like that, maybe have secret rooms behind walls and stuff that you have to find a certain switch to open….

  4. VideoGuy

    @Brad: Are you sure you set the options for “Registered Users” and not “Anonymous Users”? That may be why there’s no edit button.

    @Daxter: Don’t start asking for credits now, it will only get Brad annoyed with you. Although he probably will put you in if he uses the idea. He’ll specify the rules later on.

  5. Slugminni

    Ya, something like what WJUK said. But in that case, enemies need to made more plentiful.

    How come no-one’s suggested crawling as a new move?

  6. spaceracer2

    i was just reading through older posts to get caught up on things.i found the first FPA game on and searched the newest FPA2 and found it much better,mostly the art and the enemies were kickable when they got jumped on XD

  7. FireyDeath4

    Hello Brad Borne.
    Is it OK if I try to make a Cutie Pants simulation on Scratch (some programming language for kids): ? I’m also called FireyDeath4 on Scratch. Please tell me if it’s OK. :woot: Oh BTW, you’ll see that comment on lots of Cutie Pants posts.

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