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Big long podcast interview on Game Developer’s Radio!

This could be good for anyone who missed the Flash Gaming Summit panel, though it’s much longer, but I talk a bit about World 3.

Download the mp3, load it up on your iPod, then come back here and tell me how much of an old man I am ranting about the game industry!

I would recommend clicking the more button after listening to the end of the podcast…


Behold Captain Angry Beard! He tries to be a perfectly nasty pirate, but he just can’t help leading his band of Misguided Pirates on rampages of kind acts!

He blames his extraordinarily un-manly beard! Maybe a can of Chuck’s Manly Man Beard Die can help?

[ Now lets see if I can actually animate that :/ ]


  1. orange

    Nice i love pirates and ninjas!
    the only bad part if if one side wins then the other will have to lose and i love both.
    oh wait what if FPM wins and both pirates and ninjas loses that would be the best way to solve it.

  2. WJUK

    Oh and Brad, you said in the interview that you preferably wanted people to play FPA on a TV with a controller, right?

    Is it actually possible to do that? Playing with a controller that is. If it is I might try and plug in my 360 controller for a spin.

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